Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd
International Jew : 4 Volume Set Unabridged
Complete Story of the Galveston Horror, The
Egyptian Masonic History: The Ancient and 96th Degree: The Rite of Memphis
Roman Law : The Twelve Tables



Historic Ghosts
Catalog #: SKU2197

A look at historic ghosts that have raised public attention to these mysteries. Are they explainable by science? or just spiritual apparitions? or both?

Historic Masonry: Most Ancient to Modern TImes
Catalog #: SKU2726

A topic that many people are interested in researching and facts that few people, and few Masons really know... their origins.

Historical Mysteries
Catalog #: SKU1419

EVERYONE has heard of the case of Elizabeth Canning,' writes Mr. John Paget; and till recently I agreed with him. But five or six years ago the case of Elizabeth Canning repeated itself in a marvellous way, and then but few persons of my acquaintance had ever heard of that mysterious girl.

History and Legends of the ALAMO
Catalog #: SKU2103

Who better than the daughter of the 1st Vice President of the Republic of Texas should write the story of the Alamo? The De Zavala daughters were major voices in pushing for the restoration and preservation of this Texian Shrine

Catalog #: SKU0880

The book may not appeal to the orthodox religionist nor to the materialist; but may prove interesting, if not enlightening, to the agnostic and to the investigator of either psychic phenomena, or the phenomena of mental therapeutics.

History of Ancient Civilization
Catalog #: SKU3654

One often finds buried in the earth, weapons, implements, human skeletons, debris of every kind left by men of whom we have no direct knowledge. These are dug up by the thousand in all the provinces of France, in Switzerland, in England, in all Europe; they are found even in Asia and Africa. It is probable that they exist in all parts of the world.

History of Antiquity
Catalog #: SKU3660

Fifty years ago, the opinion was held by some that we could watch, in the tradition of the most ancient realms of the East, the first awkward steps in the childhood of the human race, while others believed that it was possible to discover there the remnants of an original wisdom, received by mankind at the beginning of their course immediately from the hand of heaven. The monuments of the East, subsequently discovered and investigated by the combined labour of English, German, and French scholars, have added an unexpected abundance of fresh information to the Hebrew Scriptures and the narratives of the Greeks, which, till then, were almost our only resource. No one can any longer be ignorant that Hither Asia at a very remote period was in possession of a rich and many-sided civilisation. The earliest stages of that civilisation in the valley of the Nile, of the Euphrates and the Tigris, on the coasts and in the interior of Syria are, it is true, entirely hidden from our knowledge; even the far more recent culture of the Aryan tribes we can only trace with the help of the Veda and the Avesta back to the point at which they were already acquainted with agriculture, and possessed considerable artistic skill.

History of Atlantis, The
Catalog #: SKU1893

Lewis Spence is one of the 'greats' from the golden era of enlightenment. His mystical and historical insights are rarely matched by any authors and researchers today. Spence had a love for lost civilizations - Atlantis one of his favorites.

History of Chivalry
Catalog #: SKU3680

There is little to charm the imagination in the first ages of Chivalry. No plumed steeds, no warrior bearing on his crested helm the favour of his lady bright, graced those early times. All was rudeness and gloom. But the subject is not altogether without interest, as it must ever be curious to mark the causes and the first appearances in conduct of any widely spread system of opinions.

History of Circumcision
Catalog #: SKU1713

Whether or not you agree with the Doctor's conclusions about circumcision, this has to be the most exhaustive history reference ever written on this unusual subject. In ancient Egypt the performance of circumcision was at one time limited to the priesthood

History of Count Zosimus
Catalog #: SKU0955

THE language of Zosimus, according to the judgment of Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople, in his BIBLIOTHECA, is concise, expressive, pure, and sweet; but, being a Heathen, he often reproaches the Christian Princes, and is upon that account reprehended by the same Photius, by Evagrius, Nicephorus, and others: it is, however, the opinion of Leunclavius, that Zosimus ought to be believed even in those relations, there being no doubt that the Christian Princes were guilty of many enormities, which could not be passed over by the faithful Historian.

History of Egypt Under the Pharaohs
Catalog #: SKU3869

It is now twenty years since I ventured on the attempt to lay before the friends and admirers of Egyptian antiquity, in the French language, a History of Egypt under the Pharaohs according to the evidence of the Monuments, in so far as they have been preserved from the earliest times down to our own age.

History of Esarhaddon, Son of Sennacherib
Catalog #: SKU3048

Esarhaddon was the son and successor of Sennacherib. He rebuilt Babylon, which his father had destroyed, and conquered Egypt. Contents: The Genealogy and Accession of Esarhaddon, and Principal Events of His Reign; List of Texts; System of Transliteration of Assyrian Signs; List of Eponyms; Will of Sennacherib; Titles of Esarhaddon; Esarhaddon's Battle at Khanirabbat; The War Against Nabu-Zir-Napisti-Esir; Expedition Against Abdi-Milcutti, King of Tsidon; Expedition Against Cilicia; Arabian War of Esarhaddon; The Median War; The Buildings of Esarhaddon; The Building of the Palace; The Names of the Eight Kings; The Names of the Twenty-two Kings of The Country of the Hittites and the Sea-Coast; Esarhaddon's Egyptian Campaign; and Names of the Kings Appointed Over Egypt by Esarhaddon.

History of Freedom of Thought
Catalog #: SKU1463

IT is a common saying that thought is free. A man can never be hindered from thinking whatever he chooses so long as he conceals what he thinks. The working of his mind is limited only by the bounds of his experience and the power of his imagination.

History of Herodotus
Catalog #: SKU0031

Written circa 500 B.C., the History of Herodotus is easily one of the most quoted tomes in the study of ancient history. Learn the history of the Ancient worlds of Atlantis, Troy, Egypt, Greece, Lydia, and many, many others.