Historical Reprints History History of Esarhaddon, Son of Sennacherib

History of Esarhaddon, Son of Sennacherib

History of Esarhaddon, Son of Sennacherib
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Author Name Ernest A. Budge
ISBN 10: 1610331966
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History of Esarhaddon
Son of Sennacherib

Ernest A. Budge

Esarhaddon was the son and successor of Sennacherib. He rebuilt Babylon, which his father had destroyed, and conquered Egypt. Contents: The Genealogy and Accession of Esarhaddon, and Principal Events of His Reign; List of Texts; System of Transliteration of Assyrian Signs; List of Eponyms; Will of Sennacherib; Titles of Esarhaddon; Esarhaddon's Battle at Khanirabbat; The War Against Nabu-Zir-Napisti-Esir; Expedition Against Abdi-Milcutti, King of Tsidon; Expedition Against Cilicia; Arabian War of Esarhaddon; The Median War; The Buildings of Esarhaddon; The Building of the Palace; The Names of the Eight Kings; The Names of the Twenty-two Kings of The Country of the Hittites and the Sea-Coast; Esarhaddon's Egyptian Campaign; and Names of the Kings Appointed Over Egypt by Esarhaddon.


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176 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610331966
ISBN-13: 9781610331968

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