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Children of the Matrix

Children of the Matrix
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Children of the Matrix
by David Icke

Random quotes from David Icke's upcoming blockbuster, Children of the Matrix

"There are two things you need if you are to uncover and communicate what is really happening in the world. One is to free of any dogmatic belief system. The second is not to give a damn what people think and say about you, or, at least, not to let that influence your decisions."

"All this information is one solution to the "mystery" of why all the major symbols of the British Isles came from the Middle and Near East. For instance, the flags of England (cross of St. George), Scotland (cross of St. Andrew), Ireland (cross of St. Patrick)..."

"We can see the DNA genetic code agenda very clearly today with the cloning explosion and the way human genes are now being openly manipulated like never before, at least in known history."

"Fluoride is another major intellect suppressant that is being added to drinking water supplies and toothpaste. Sodium fluoride is a common ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, anaesthetics, hypnotics, psychiatric drugs, and military nerve gas."

"So what's going on here? Unless people wish to enclose their minds in concrete, clearly something very strange is occurring on Planet Earth and has been doing so for many thousands of years."

"There can be no more obvious example of how the Illuminati bloodlines are possessed by demonic entities more than Adolf Hitler."

"Sex with children has been part of the Illuminati modus operandi from ancient times. Sexual and Satanic abuse of children are aspects of the same agenda."

"The reptilian-Illuminati know that the balanced fusion of male and female energy create a third and immensely powerful force and this is the real foundation of their obsession with the "trinity"."

"The Illuminati appear on the surface to be a male dominated operation. But, in fact, the high priestess is as important in their rituals as the high priest and at the heart of the Illuminati symbolism is the worship of the Goddess."

"The serpent that "tempted" Eve in the Biblical Garden of Eden is the best-known serpent symbolism of all. This was an edited re-write of the far more ancient Sumerian story of Edin, the "land of the Gods or the Righteous Ones."

Table of Contents

  • Life beyond the bubble
  • The Matrix
  • The challenge
  • The plot
  • To the prison born
  • Designer history
  • Ruled by the Gods
  • Atlantis revisited
  • Blood brothers
  • The unholy alliance
  • Serving the dragon: the past
  • The shape-shifters
  • The dragon queens
  • Faces of the serpent cult
  • Picture section
  • God save us from religion
  • Serving the dragon: the present (1)
  • Serving the dragon: the present (2)
  • Calling the demons
  • Suffer little children
  • "Spiritual" satanism and "christian" conmen
  • Serving the dragon: the future
  • The matrix
  • The gatekeepers
  • It's just a ride
  • The Illuminati bloodline
  • Hitler was a Rothschild?
  • The Jewish voice of reason
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Softbound, 6.75 in.(h) x 9.25 in.(w), 458 pages

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