Beyond Reality Mysteries Explored HIDDEN WORLD Volume 9: THE SHAVER MYSTERY


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Author Name Ray Palmer, S. H. Watson, Richard S. Shaver, Timothy Green Beckley
ISBN 10: 1606110934
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Volume 9

Journey To Nowhere
The Secrets of Time and Space

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Richard S. Shaver
Ray Palmer
S. H. Watson
Timothy Green Beckley

The Shaver Mystery is much more than just a fantastic look at a cavern world that Richard Shaver long contended exists beneath us surface dwellers . We are, Shaver always said, talking about more than just the Dero and the Tero and long lost civilizations. Remembering Lemuria is just the tip of the iceberg.



In some respects, Richard Shaver was the Jessie Ventura of his day. Shaver wasn't about to accept the status quo just because it was expected of him. He was a rebel or a maverick as we hear it defined as more often these days.

Shaver didn't believe in ghosts even if he had no explanation for the unexplained phenomenon that often occurs inside a haunted house. It wasn't sprits materializing in the sèance room, it was the Dero pretending to be discarnate entities so that the living would foolishly believe they were speaking to their deceased loved ones.

As for flying saucers, Shaver said some of them were space travelers, but the vast majority were projections from the caves cast into the sky to keep us from wondering about the reality of the subsurface. Today there is an entire section of the population who believe UFOs are some sort of hologram projected by the New World Order so that we will be so perplexed what to do about an alien invasion that we will more easily submit to the dastardly deeds of the Controllers or the Watchers as they are referred to by those "in the know."

Likewise, when Albert Einstein came up with the theory of gravitation and electromagnetic fields in 1949, fans of Shaver were told by none other than publisher Raymond Palmer that Shaver had beat Einstein to the punch "Months before that, Mr. Shaver (minus the mathematical formula) told me the same thing! For the record, I want to say that if any credit for a new and revolutionary theory of gravity goes to anybody it should go to Richard S. Shaver, on the basis of prior publication."

Shaver and his "boss" Ray Palmer were always theorizing about time and space, and thus we can see why they devoted a large percentage of this issue of Hidden World to the strange universal contentions of S.H. Watson (i.e. Samuel Watson). Fact is, we haven't been able to find out very much about Mr Watson except that he penned an article or two that were printed in Amazing Stories during that magazine's heyday. Palmer always said he thought the stars were reflections and that space was not as vast as astronomers told us it was. Palmer also said we would never go further into space than the moon. He has been partially right on that part - in fact, we haven't even been able to get back there after all these years!

Just as strange and exciting as these ideas by Shaver, Palmer and certainly S.H. Watson are, we are just as exuberant over the new cache of "lost" articles by the man himself - RICHARD SHAVER. We got these stories through the Shaver Mystery Yahoo Group, an e mail chain letter group we are an active participant in, exchanging postings almost nightly with its several hundred members. The group is very ably moderated by Richard Toronto who has had a passionate interest in the Shaver Mystery for decades. You can go through the back issues of his magazine which were originally published in hard copy form by simply going to www.ShaverTron.Com. I am sure if you mention this series of publications or me by name you will be welcome as a member of the Shaver Mystery Group should you wish to join.

220 pages - 8x 10½ softcover
EAN: 9781606110935
ISBN: 1606110934

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