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Creative Mind : Creative Mind and Success : Science of the Mind

Creative Mind : Creative Mind and Success : Science of the Mind
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Author Name Ernest Shertleff Holmes


Creative Mind

Creative Mind and Success

Science of the Mind

Three Books in One Volume!

Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

THE hand of eternal progress is brushing the cobwebs from the corridors of time and is again revealing to the human race the mysteries of being. As there is "nothing new under the sun," the searchlight of Truth is bringing to light only what has been known to the few in all generations.


The time has now come when the few must become the many. The whole world, from the least to the greatest, must know the Truth, so that man may understand the great laws that govern his life. He must learn to control his own destiny, to heal his own body and bring happiness to his own soul. Ignorance must vanish and understanding must be ushered in. Man is no longer to be governed by anything outside himself. Creeds, doctrines, churches, institutions, organizations, governments are all being changed to give place to the realization of the individual. There is a power in and through all that is working this great transformation. All that will not measure up to the standard must fall by its own weight; all that is in line with the Truth must still prosper. The time is at hand; we are in the greatest age of all history; we are in the age of the unifying of all people and all things into the "Ever Present One." "The temple not made with hands" is now being silently builded by the emancipated souls of this planet.

This little book is an attempt to explain what each soul must discover for himself, that he stands in the midst of an eternal creative power which presses itself around his own thought, and casts back to him glorified all that he thinks. If it awakens within the consciousness of one single individual the realization that the mind of the Universe (which is the only mind that there is) is his own mind; that the creative power of this mind is his also; that the manifestation of this mind is his own individuality; that the love and power and peace of this mind is within himself, it will not be written in vain. May it then do much in simplifying and bringing to light some of the deeper mysteries and meanings of life.


AN inquiry into Truth is an inquiry into the cause of things as the human race sees and experiences them. The starting point of our thought must always begin with our experiences. We all know that life is, else we could not even think that we are. Since we can think, say and feel, we must be. We live, we are conscious of life; therefore we must be and life must be. If we are life and consciousness (self-knowing) then it follows that we must have come from life and consciousness. Let us start, then, with this simple fact: Life is and life is conscious.

But what is the nature of this life; is it physical, mental, material or spiritual? A little careful thinking based upon logic, more than any merely personal opinion, will do much in clearing up some of these questions that at first seem to stagger us with their bigness.

How much of that which is may we call life? The answer would have to be: Life is all that there is; it is the reason for all that we see, hear, feel--all that we experience in any way. Now nothing from nothing leaves nothing, and it is impossible for something to proceed from nothing. Since something is, that from which it came must be all that is. Life, then, is all that there is. Everything comes from it, ourselves included. The next question is, how do things come from life? How do the things that we see come from the things that we do not see? The things that we see must be real because we see them. To say they are not real will never explain them nor answer any question about them. God's world is not a world of illusion but one of divine realities. The truth must not explain away things that we see.

It must explain what they are. We are living and experiencing varying degrees of consciousness and conditions. Only when the why of this living and of our experiences is Jesus understood will we know the least thing about the truth. did not say that things are illusions. He said that we must not judge from the standpoint of the seen but must judge righteously or with right judgment; and He meant that we must get behind the appearance and find out what caused it. So let us not in any way fool ourselves nor allow ourselves to believe we have always been fooled. We are living in a world of realities. Whatever we have experienced is a reality as far as that experience is concerned, although if we had had a higher understanding of life, the unpleasant experience might have been avoided.


The Creative Mind
Part I. In The Beginning
A Principle That Can Be Proven.
The Word Going Forth.
The Law Of Our Lives.
Man's Part.
Bondage And Freedom.
The Word.
The Man Who Has Arrived.
The Power We Have Within Us.
Individual Ideas.
The Reason For The Universe.
Mind In Action.
Action And Reaction.
Arriving At A High Consciousness.
Outer Suggestions.
The Use Of The Greater Consciousness.
The Greater Consciousness.
The Perfect Universe.
About Struggle--Karma.

Part II. Practice

The Same Power Used In Two Ways.
Healing The Sick.
The Use Of Affirmations.
The Highest Attitude Of Mind.
Be Alive.
Be Happy.
Live In The Present.
See The Good In All Things.
Be Expectant.
Expanding Our Thought.
The Power Of A Treatment.
Repeating The Treatment.
Impersonal Healing.
What Is The Spiritual Mind?
The Church Of God.
The Path To Prosperity.
The Way Of The Spirit.
The Level Of Consciousness.
Practice For Prosperity.
Questions and Answers

Creative Mind and Success
Part I. An Inquiry Into The Truth.

What Life Is.
Man's Place In Creation.
The Beginning Of Understanding.
Our Conditions Governed By Our Thinking.
Unconscious Creation.
First Steps.
How To Attain Strength.
What We Will Attract.
More About The Power Of Attraction.
How To Attract Friends.
The Control Of Thought.
Creating Atmosphere.
The Power Of Words.
Why Belief Is Necessary.
Where So Many Fail.
Using The Imagination.
Man's Right Of Choice.
Old Age And Opportunity.
Demonstrating Success In Business.
Money A Spiritual Idea.
Ideas Of The Infinite.
Don't Be A Leaner.
Causes And Conditions.
Mental Equivalents.
One Law And Many Manifestations.
Transcending Previous Conditions.
Understanding And Misunderstanding.
Unusual Experience.
Where Demonstration Takes Place.

Part II. Treatments

Understanding And Guidance.
How To Know Just What To Do.
Following Up A Thought.
The Single Stream Of Thought.
Enlarging Our Thought.
Always Be Gathering.
Mental Likeness.
Keeping The Thing In Mind.
Destroy All Thoughts That We Do Not Wish To Experience.
Direct Practice For Prosperity.
Race Consciousness.
Developing Intuition.
Presence of Activity.
Drawing Your Own To You.
The Final Word.

The Science of Mind

These Lessons
Peace Be Unto Thee, Stranger

Part I: The Evolution of Man's Thought

Instinctive Man
Nature Waits On Man's Self-Recognition
The First Great Discovery
The Inner Sense Awakens
The Great Question "Why"
The Greatest Discovery Of All Time--Mind
The Brain Does Not Think
We Do Not See The Thinker
The Body Unconscious Without The Thinker
The Conscious And The Unconscious Thought
A New Basis Of Thought
The Law Of Mind
Unconscious Mind At Work
Another Great Discovery--Thought Reached Others
The Discovery Of Race-Thought
A Universal Medium Which All Must Come To Believe In
Another Question Comes Up--Why Are People Poor?
Man Begins To Realize That His Conditions Are
Realizes That He Must Think Correctly

Part II: The Lessons

Lesson One: Introduction
How Laws Are Discovered
Proof Of Mind
Where Our Thoughts Go
Suggestion Becomes Memory
Mental Medium Through All
Reading Thought
Mental Law
The Word Of God As Law
Threefold Nature Of God
Trinity Of Being
Conscious Mind In God And Man
Worship Of God
Many Gods
Belief In Duality--Its Results
Duality In Theology
Duality In Philosophy
Duality And Science
An Awakening
Philosophy Leads Man's Thought
A Deep Inquiry
The Great Difficulty
The Voice Of God In Creation
The Word Of God
Spirit Knows Itself
Law, Servant Of The Word
Forms Of Spirit Or Creation
Meaning Of Creation
The Word Alone Is Conscious
The Thought Of God
Eternal Creation
The Universe Is Alive
Lesson One: Metaphysical Meaning Of Words Used In Universal Chart
Upper Section
Middle Section
Lowest Section
Lesson One: The Nature Of Being
Two Ways Of Reasoning
The Changeless
Cause And Effect
Unity And Multiplicity
Allness Of Truth
Only One Mind
Lesson One: Recapitulation
Lesson Two: Introduction
The World Has Learned All It Can Through Suffering
What Individuality Really Means
The Meaning Of Freedom
Sin And Punishment. Righteousness and Reward
The Incarnation Of Spirit
Different Viewpoints
The Lesson Of Nature's Laws
The Relation Of Man To The Universe Of Spirit
Man's Experience
Nature Waits On Man
Mental And Spiritual Laws
God And Man
Man Reënacts The Nature Of God
The Two Ways To Reason
Nothing Happens By Chance
Many Are Waking Up To The Facts
The Time Has Come To Know The Truth
A Wonderful Experiment
What Psychology Teaches About Man's Nature
The Self-Knowing Mind
Man's Unity With The Whole
Man A Center Of God-Consciousness
Unity With Law
The Subjective Obeys The Objective
The Body
Last Stages Of Matter
The Unity Of All Body
The Formless And The Formed
Individuality Means Self-Choice
The Greatest Discovery Ever Made
A Complete Unity
Lesson Two: Metaphysical Meaning Of Words Used In Individual Chart No. II-B
Upper Section
Middle Section
Lowest Section
Lesson Two: The Nature Of Man
Limitless Medium
Christ And Antichrist
Man Is Identified In Mind
The Aim Of Evolution
Methods Of Treatment
Subjective Law
Thought And The Creative Medium
Each Is The Logical Result Of His Own Thinking
A Law Of Belief
We Are Dealing With Law
The Cycle Of Necessity And Karmic Law
The Law Of Action And Reaction
We Argue In Mind
Wrong Use Of Mind
Subjective But Not Unconscious
How Habits Are Formed
Law Is Mind In Action
We Are Bound By Our Own Freedom
Oneness With All Law
Karmic Law
Thought Force
Choosing Thought
Inducing Thought
Place No Limit On Principle
Lesson Two: Recapitulation
Lesson Three: Introduction
What We Understand About Healing
Thoughts Are Things
Lesson Three: Metaphysical Meaning Of Words Used In Chart No. III
Lesson Three: Mental Healing
Man Reënacts God
Not Limited By Principle
Mental Treatment Is Real
Man Comes Through Subjectivity
Born Perfect
Disease Is Impersonal
How To Heal
Mind Is The Actor
Disease Is Not Always Due To Conscious Thought
We Deal With Ideas
Have No Doubts
Thinking In Treatment
Do Not Try To Go Beyond Your Understanding
What A Practitioner Must Know
Healing Is Clear Thinking
Only One Law
No Sensation In Treatments
How To Remove Doubt
The Truth Demonstrates Itself
Disease Is Mental
The Medium Of Healing
Depend On Principle
Definite Work In Healing
Repeating Treatments
Remove The Complex
Healing Pain
What Right Thought Does
How Habits Are Healed
The Seed Of Thought
What Can Be Healed
Why People Get Tired
The Idea Must Take Form
Resolve Things Into Thoughts
Healing Insanity
What A Practitioner Does
Back Of The Appearance Is The Reality
Seeing Perfection
Healing Lung Trouble
We Do Not Send Out Thoughts
Healing Constipation
Disease Not An Entity
Throat Trouble
Treating Children
Power Of The Word
No Age
Guidance In Treating
How To Heal
Remove Doubt
No Fear
Deal Only With Thoughts
Argument In Treatment
Lesson Three: Recapitulation
Lesson Four: Introduction
The Law Is Infinite
The Possibilities Of The Law
Spirit And Mental Law
Demonstration, Or Bringing Things To Pass
Our Part
Medium Between Man and His Manifestation
Lesson Four: The Control Of Conditions
How Ideas Manifest As Things
Law Of Reflection
Attracting Friends
The Principle Of Prosperity
We Deal With Absoluteness
Prayer Is Its Own Answer
If You Know
No Personal Responsibility
Helping An Inventor
Look Only At What You Want
Definite Plan
How To Demonstrate A Home
Resist Not
Healing A Misunderstanding
Attraction Of Personality
See Life Expressed
Look To The Ultimate
No Mistakes
Causes And Conditions
Perfect Action
Mental Equivalents
Treating For Activity
Receiving Information
No Failures
No Mistakes
Demonstration By Proof
Handling A Schoolroom
The Law Of Correspondence
Lesson Four: Recapitulation
Lesson Five: Introduction
True Mysticism And The Psychic Sense
What The Mystics Have Taught
No Ultimate Evil
Ultimate Salvation Of All
Freedom From Burden
Unity Of All
Realization Of Individuality
The Great Light
What The Mystics Have Taught About The Individual
Instinct And Intuition
Illumination And Cosmic Consciousness
The Highest Practice
The Power Of Jesus
Turning Within
Further Evolution
The Truth Is Known
The Answer Is In Man
God--Infinite Personality
Hold To The Good
The Infinite Is Personal To All
The Christ
Lesson Six: The Law of Psychic Phenomena
Psychic Phenomena And Immortality
No Apologies
Lesson Six: Metaphysical Meanings Of Words Used In Chart No. VI
Lesson Six: Psychic Phenomena
The Subjective Mind
Seat Of Memory
Suggestion And Subjectivity
Subjective Communication
Subjective Mind And Inspiration
Mental Atmospheres
How To Create Personal Charm
The Atmosphere Of Places
The Race-Mind
The Mind Of History
Tuning In On Thought
Mental Pictures
Conditions Necessary For The Best Results
Deep Telepathic Messages
Reading The History Of The Individual
Personal Readings
Streams Of Consciousness
No Obstructions To Thought
Entering The Stream Of Thought
The Vibration Of A Book
Why Saints Have Seen Jesus
Many Mental Pictures
The Human Aura
Unpleasant Atmospheres
Personal Influence And Obsession
Obsession Of Discarnate Spirits
General Theory Of Obsession and Mental Influence
The Psychic Power Must Be Controlled
Normal State
The Aim Of Evolution
The State Of Trance
Normal Psychic Capacities
Abnormal Psychic Powers
Independent Voices
Ghosts And Phantasms Of The Dead
Ghosts Sometimes Can Speak
Projecting The Mentality
Crystal Gazing
Black Magic
The Modern Curse
Automatic Writing
Independent Writing
Hudson's Theory
Smelling Where There Is Nothing To Smell
Grasping Objects Without The Hand
Telekinetic Energy
Table Tipping
Theory Of Ectoplasm
Interesting Thoughts
What Is The Cause?
Cause For Thought
Time Will Prove All Things
The Spirit Of Prophecy
A Lesson In Subjectivity
Lesson Six: Psychic Phenomena and Immortality
The Meaning Of Immortality
Where Did Man Come From And Why?
Man Awakes With A Body
What Is The Body?
The Ether Of Science
The Resurrection Body
Conclusive Facts
In What Mental State Do We Go Out?
What Causes Psychic Manifestations?
Telepathy Does Not Explain Everything
Spirit Communication
Communication Must Be Mental
We Do Not Control Spirits
The Psychic Power Should Not Be Forced
Lesson Six: Recapitulation

Part III: Special Articles

Absoluteness And Relativity
The Problem Of Evil
The Meaning Of The Fall
The Garden Of Eden
Salvation And Grace
The Perfect Universe
Imagination And Will
How To Visualize
The Sequence Of The Creative Order
Man's Creative Power Marvelous
The Mirror Of The Subjective
Factors Necessary For A Dynamic Personality
Repression And Sublimation
The Spirit Of Sex
The Spirit Is Expressed
Man Reënacts The Divine Nature
Congested Emotions
Irritation, Agitation And Fear
If We Were Expressed
Emotion And Intellect
The Conflict Of Desire
The Emotion Of Sex
The True Meaning Of Love
Sex Not Necessary To The Expression Of Love
When Sex Becomes Destructive
Male And Female
The Solution
The Atonement
Man's Whole Trouble
Careful Preparation
The Vicarious Atonement
The Givingness Of Spirit
The World Has Learned All That It Should Through Suffering
Our Part In The Atonement
The Personality Of God
Jesus As A Saviour
Self-Existent Life
The Supreme Affirmation
Christ And Antichrist

Part IV: Daily Meditations For Self-Help And Healing

Bodily Perfection
Come, And Let Me Heal You
He Is Mighty Within Me To Heal
I Do Not Inherit Disease
No Congestion
No False Growth
No Weariness
Perfect Healing
Perfect Vision
The All-Seeing Eye
The Healing Of The Flesh
There Is No Pain
Happiness And Completion
Here And Now
Majestic Calm
No Loss
Oh, For A Tongue To Express
O Soul Of Mine, Look Out And See
Seeing The Perfect
The Circle Is Complete
The Things That Are
Divine Companionship
A Song Of Hope
Be Still And Know
Cast Aside All Doubt
Divine Companionship
His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Hope Cannot Die
I Am Not Alone
I Went To The Mountain
The Joy Of The Soul
Freedom From Sin
Free From Sensitiveness
I Keep The Promise
Love Gleams Through The Mist
No Bondage
No Condemnation
No False Habit
No Hypnotism Nor False Suggestion
No Mistakes
There Are No Responsibilities
The Time Has Come
Within Thy Law Is Freedom
Harmony Of Life
Friendship Of The Spirit And Of Man
He Wills Me To Be
I Serve
I Shall Not Doubt Nor Fear
I Was Told To Live
Love Dissolves All Fear
My Affairs
My Business
My Profession
No Delays
No Misrepresentations
No Obstructions
No Over-Action Nor Inaction
One With Perfect Action
Peace, Poise And Power
Stillness And Receptivity
Thanksgiving And Praise
The Divine Promises Are Kept
The Inner Light
The Night Is Filled With Peace
The Seal Of Approval
The Secret Way
The Shining Path
The Things I Need Come To Me
The Way Is Made Clear Before Me
Immanent Power
As Love Enters, Fear Departs
He Will Keep Thee
Infinite Life Within
My Feet Shall Not Falter
No Harm Shall Befall Thee
Power To Live
The Circle Of Love
The Circle Of Protection
The Power Within Blesses All
The Quick Answer
A Song Of Joy
Born Of Eternal Day
I Arise And Go Forth
The Dawn Has Come
I Am Complete In Thee
Presence Of The All Good
A Marvelous Sense
Complete Confidence
Drawing The Good
I Fear No Evil
I Have Known, Always
I Meet My Good
My Atmosphere
My Good Is Complete
My Own Shall Come To Me
My Own Shall Find Me
My Soul Reflects Thy Life
Out Of The Depths Of Life
Sorrow Flees From Me
Substance And Supply
The Ever And The All
The House Of Love
Spirit Of God Within
Arise, My Spirit
Birthless And Deathless
Command My Soul
Despair Gives Way To Joy
Free Spirit Within Me
Fullness Of Light
He Who Inhabits Eternity
I Listen
Joy Has Come To Live With Me
Knowledge And Wisdom
My Thought Is In Thee
O Love Divine
Peace Steals Through The Soul
Stand Forth And Speak
Subtle Essence Of Spirit Within Me
The Christ Within
The Everlasting Arms
The Mantle Of Love
The Voice Of Truth
The Witness Of Truth
Through The Long Night Watches
Thy Strength Is Sufficient
Waiting On Thee
Whose Right It Is To Come
The Power Of The Word
I Control My Mental Household And Conquer All Fear And Doubt
My Word Comes Back To Me
My Word Shall Bear Fruit
Nothing Can Hinder
O Man, Speak Forth Thy Word
The Power Of The Word
The Word Of Power
The Unassailable Truth
I Behold In Thee His Image
I See No Evil
I Shall Never Die
Love To The World
My Life Is One With God
No Misunderstandings
The Divine Plan For Me
The Personality Of God
The Radiation Of Life
Within Thee Is Fulness Of Life
The Call

Softcover, 8¼" x 10¾", 350+ pages
Perfect-Bound - large print

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