As Above So Below Magic Your Personal Mega Power Spells

Your Personal Mega Power Spells

Your Personal Mega Power Spells
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Your Personal
Mega Power Spells

Maria D' Andrea

"PUT A SPELL ON YOU CAUSE YOU'RE MINE" Those are the words of the great bluesman Screamin' Jay Hawkins, who was years ahead of Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath and a multitude of Heavy Metal bands seeking to embrace - and sometimes exploit - a bit of the macabre in their musical persona, including various aspects of occultism, from "Satanism" to Voodoo to Hoodoo. As a rock enthusiast, I truly admire Screamin' Jay, for he was genuinely authentic and an original - no doubt reinforced by a real visit to the infamous "crossroads" sometime in his life.



In her own way, Maria D' Andrea has also been influenced in a similar fashion, as her studies have led her down the path to a true understanding of the occult in all its positive forms.

The author of this book and I have a couple of things in common.

First off, we are both of Hungarian ancestry. My grandparents came to America, landing on Ellis Island sometime around 1905. Maria arrived here the hard way - with she and her mother both having to escape their homeland during the occupation by the USSR, on the heels of frantically barking dogs.

Secondly, there is a degree of psychic lineage in both our families. We grew up with the paranormal around us and that's no doubt why it's such a part of our lives today. I first met Maria D' Andrea when I was running the NY School Of Occult Arts And Sciences. She was one of our psychic readers and she had quite a following among our regular students as well as the general public.

I used to get a lot of compliments about her "style," and there were a number of success stories that helped build her reputation.

I am critical of myself now for not taking notes on some of the masterful things she accomplished with her psychic abilities. Maria does just about every kind of reading you can think of (except for astrology, she warily points out).

It was at the time I was running the School in a giant loft on 14th Street in Manhattan that I became fully acquainted with basic witchcraft and the practice of Wicca in general. (There are numerous kinds of witchcraft and magick, just as there are branches of Christianity and almost every other religion). Naturally, I knew that Wicca and the witchcraft of white magick had nothing to do with the left hand path of occultism, which would include black magic and "Satanism."

Maria has been using certain aspects of witchcraft in a positive way for many years and she feels it is high time she share this information as well as the best spells of Wicca with you. Thus the work you now hold in your hands.

So take a deep breath and let us go and find the most powerful Mega Spells that will benefit our lives and make us more affirmative and spiritually positive individuals. It's to our uppermost advantage to do so.

235 pages - 8½ x11; softcover

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