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Goal of Life, The

Goal of Life, The
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Goal of Life

Science and Revelation

Hiram E. Butler

The facts in nature are the foundation out of which all consciousness and knowledge grow. Science is the outgrowth of these facts through careful investigation and study. Revelation is facts derived from the inner-consciousness- intuition- which is allied to the cause-world and is cognizant of the mind from which it originated, or from messengers (angels) from God.

Revelation united with science gives a substantial foundation for philosophy and theology, which are the proper outgrowth of SCIENCE AND REVELATION.

Philosophy is the mathematics of reason applied.

Knowing is transcendently above all attributes.
Reason is the dividing line between the human and the animal.
Sensations and emotions are common to all life.

"The words that I have spoken unto you are spirit, and are life."

Excerpt from Introduction

Our effort herein has been to expand the conception of God, the conception of the universe, and of the immensity of all that is; and to show that in this immensity there is found a unity, in this unity a mind that has a purpose, and that this mind has in it all power and is therefore ruling absolutely, as the vitality and potentiality of all that is, therefore the purpose in this mind- the object for which all things exist- is being carried out with absolute certainty, nothing being able to resist it, for all life upon this planet is as a drop taken from the great ocean of life and must ever remain subject to the law of its Source.

We have herein brought to light the fact that the great work that is being carried on by the Infinite Mind- his ultimate object- is to form mind-centers to be acted upon and through, in the control and government of the world, and that these mind-centers are to be manifested in the individualized manhood of our race, brought to light in the Revelation as the first ripe fruit of the earth, who are to be kings and priests unto God and to reign on the earth.

We have brought to light also the fact that, becoming kings and priests unto God and reigning on the earth, is placed at man's disposal, and that there are methods as old as creation by which man may lay hold upon these universal laws and become master of them and by the knowledge of these laws become the king of the whole earth, the embodiment of the mind and will of the planet, the expressor of the mind of God in the governing of all creation below him.


THE beginnings of organized life act from instinct without brain-power to define and guide the impulse. The insect moves about apparently without aim, a little way in one direction, and back, then in another. Universal Life runs it in accordance with its form and quality, as the water runs the waterwheel. But as experience is gathered from hunger, meeting enemies, and the general struggle for existence, brain-powers begin to develop, and with the developing of the brain the general nervous structure develops and refines. In this way Universal Mind takes of the elements of the earth and organizes for itself a body through which to find expression, through which to carry forward a line of growth toward the fulness of manhood.

In its early history, the race was largely dominated by the instincts, because it was without sufficient brain-power correctly to define the mental impulses from the cause-side. It was not until a comparatively advanced stage of racial progress that the higher light of intuition appeared.

Because mind always turns toward its source, consciousness toward its origin, man has always been a religious being; but before the reasoning faculties were sufficiently developed to have an intelligent recognition of the impulses of the Universal Mind, his religion was as immature as his mentality and he worshipped the sun, moon, and stars, and images of his own ideals.

During this period the intellect was slowly unfolding, and as an aid to its growth, "Revelation," in the external types and shadows of its manifestation, was given to the people as they could receive it, for it was in this form that the earlier revelations came to the race.

It is a law that thought suggested to the mind, though not understood, much less comprehended, builds itself into the organism, so that when the building is complete the meaning of the thought is grasped. Therefore revelation came first in types and shadows, the external form of the vital energy that was within.

Added revelation was given as fast as the race developed sufficiently to receive it, but the vital reality was always represented by some material symbol, and in the effort to interpret the revelation gross errors crept in. In addition to this there were other fruitful sources of error. Being largely under the control of the instincts, the people were exceedingly superstitious- every manifestation of the incomprehensible, the grand, or the sublime, was to them always through the direct intervention of some unseen being. Thus, in addition to the nature-forces, a multiplicity of gods took form in the popular mind, and the pantheons of the different nations came into existence.

Again, the inclination of the human mind to seek cause readily developed into a search for magic power. There is and always has been in the human will a power entirely incomprehensible- a fact which led the earlier nations into ceremonial magic, the black arts, and all the equipments of a religious and superstitious mind. But the coming of the Christ to earth lifted the race above this dark cloud of superstition; for it is universally admitted that the Christian religion lies at the foundation of the height and glory of our civilization.

Nevertheless, as the records of the past show that there was an apparently darkened mental condition of the world at the time of the revelation of our Bible, and because the mind of the day is turned almost exclusively toward scientific investigation of the laws of nature, those mental states that led the race into the light of revelation seem crude and repulsive. The present trend of the mentality is to turn altogether from intuition and to depend wholly upon the reasoning brain. A study of the record of racial experience during the centuries of the past, especially of the nations immediately allied to our own, and the present scientific investigation of a most materialistic character, complete the education given in our colleges and to our clergy. Ever is held up that frightful effigy of the darkened mind of the past as a warning against credulity and superstition.

This effigy has intensified a materialistic mentality, and has caused the educated classes to fear even to admit to their own souls the possibility of revelation or the active principle of intuition. They have practically shut out everything that savors in the slightest degree of a manifestation of spiritual activity, and, consequently, spiritual inspiration and added revelation are no longer possible.

The terms "inspiration" and "revelation" have been misapplied, and therefore need definition: Inspiration bears to revelation the relation of cause to effect. Inspiration is not necessarily the act of a human agent becoming a medium of expression for a being in the spirit-world, but it is a well-known phenomenon of everyday life. The act of recalling a thought we call "recollection;" that is, we have had an experience and have forgotten it, a suggestion comes to our mind of something concerning this experience and we wish to recall it. The mind is at once concentrated upon the desired thought, every other thought intruding itself is repelled, and the mind-held in the attitude of desiring, reaching out for one definite thought-draws in, inspires, the refined substance generated in the body and expressed through the brain at the time of the experience.

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