Beyond Reality The Next Life Glimpses of Life Beyond Death

Glimpses of Life Beyond Death

Glimpses of Life Beyond Death
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Glimpses of
Life Beyond Death
by Tony Bushby

Glimpses of Life Beyond Death
author: Tony Bushby

From Tony Bushby: author of two of the best selling exposés of this century: "The Bible Fraud" and "Secret in the Bible"

What happens to us when we die?

There are few words more rivetting, even awe inspiring, than 'life beyond death,' for they imply, excitingly, that the dead live on to exist in some form of afterlife. Those words have mystery, romance, and colour, and according to the historic evidence, millions of people have glimpsed that afterlife in an astounding phenomenon called the Near-Death Experience.


One morning while in labor, I remember being taken out of my body and I could see myself lying there in my hospital bed with something across my stomach. God stood beside me and we went in (to my stomach) with the light from his face showing the way. I saw my baby in a bag of water, and as we came closer to her, I saw her moving around. She brought her hand forward and put it against the bag. I touched her little hand and could feel the little bumps. God then spoke to her and said, 'Put your head against the bag'. She did, and I kissed her cheek. Then she turned her head and looked at me. Everybody know that baby's eyes are not open at that stage, but hers were. We then left my womb and moved up towards the ceiling. I then felt my spirit thump back into my body. I awoke and had a bad feeling that one of us was going to die. Forty-four hours after Sandy's (my baby's name) birth she died. I am glad that I was able to share such a beautiful experience a mother could ever have.

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