Lost History Secret Society Histories Highlights of Templar History : Knights Templar Constitution

Highlights of Templar History : Knights Templar Constitution

Highlights of Templar History : Knights Templar Constitution
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Highlights of Templar History

by: William Moseley Brown

Includes the Knights Templar Constitution

Highlights of Templar History
Includes the Knights Templar Constitution

Author: William Moseley Brown


The Knights Templar is a secret society that has existed for many centuries. Few books have been written about them from an insiders point of view.

This book was originally released by the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, United States of America, after seven years of historical research by an assigned committee. The author, Brown, was a member of that committee and their purpose was to provide Templars with an accurate history of their organization.

It was for members only and much of the information is not found elsewhere. We've also added, from another source, their Constitution and Abbreviated By-Laws, as a service for potential members or for those who desire a better knowledge of the inner workings of the Templars. These two works, combined together, will hopefully shed new light on an interesting and sometimes mysterious organization.

Some of the chapters include The Place of Templary in the Masonic System, Religious, and Military Orders, Theories of Masonic Templar Origins, and Templar Rituals. Interesting connections are explored including the link between the ancient Templars and the Knights of Malta.

Softbound, 127pages

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