Mysteries Alien - UFO Conspiracy Summit Dossier

Conspiracy Summit Dossier

Conspiracy Summit Dossier
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Publisher InnerLight/Global
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Author Name Timothy Green Beckley, Adam Gorightly, Commander X, Kenn Thomas, Terry Melanson, William Cooper, Jessica Cooper


Conspiracy Summit Dossier

compiled by
Timothy Green Beckley

Special Updated Material
Adam Gorightly, Commander X, Kenn Thomas,
Terry Melanson, William Cooper, Jessica Cooper

Timothy Beckley held the live Conspiracy Summit conference and then compiled the best of the best from the summit for this book. Read now what is going on behind the scenes in the world today.



Not long after my own encounter with strange aerial phenomena, I began to see a link between UFO's to such seemingly disparate topics as psychedelics, psychotronics and ritual magic. As the years pass, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) makes far less sense to this observer than other theories ranging from mind control conspiracies, or -- on the other hand -- fissures in the space/time continuum which provide a portal of entry for ghostly apparitions that can be saucer-shaped or even take on the form of Moth-Men, Chupacabras or the Blessed Virgin Mary.

UFO's encompass a wide range of phenomena and cannot be categorized simply in terms of little grey skinned buggers from Zeta-Reticuli shoving probes up human rectums. (Ouch!) To me the term "UFO" simply suggests something unexplainable hovering in outer or inner space, whether it is machine-like elves encountered under the influence of DMT, or nuts and bolt craft performing inexplicable aerial maneuvers over Area 51.

UFO's are limited only by our imaginations, and to consider them merely craft from another galaxy is as narrow a view as postulating that newborn babes are delivered exclusively by storks. UFO's are also -- in my estimation -- a product of altered consciousness, which is not to suggest that all sightings are in part, or in whole, complete confabulations.

What I'm suggesting is that in order to observe UFO's, one must often enter into a more receptive state, much like a psychic or channeler tuning into voices or subtle energies. Channelers must first induce in themselves a trance state before being able to contact "voices from the beyond." The same goes for magical workings carried out in order to invoke spirits and/or demons.

A corollary to the above statement is the famed Amalantrah Working of legendary occultist Aleister Crowley, which consisted of a series of visions he received from January through March of 1918 through his then "Scarlet Woman", Roddie Minor. Throughout his life, Crowley had a number of Scarlet Women who acted as channels for otherworldly transmissions of angelic and/or demonic origin. The Scarlet Woman also played a large part in Crowley's notorious sex rituals, at times combining drugs and bestiality to stir up those strange energies into which good ol' Uncle Al was trying to tap. To quote Crowley chronicler Kenneth Grant from Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God:

Crowley was aware of the possibility of opening the spatial gateways and of admitting an extraterrestrial Current in the human life-wave...It is an occult tradition--and Lovecraft gave it persistent utterance in his writings--that some transfinite and superhuman power is marshaling its forces with intent to invade and take possession of this planet... This is reminiscent of Charles Fort's dark hints about a secret society on earth already in contact with cosmic beings and, perhaps, preparing the way for their advent. Crowley dispels the aura of evil with which these authors (Lovecraft and Fort) invest the fact; he prefers to interpret it Thelemically, not as an attack upon human consciousness by an extra-terrestrial and alien entity but as an expansion of consciousness from within, to embrace other stars and to absorb their energies into a system that is thereby enriched and rendered truly cosmic by the process.

It was through the Amalantrah Working -- which included the ingestion of hashish and mescaline in its rituals -- that Crowley came into contact with an interdimensional entity named Lam, who by the way just happens to be a dead ringer for the popular conception of the "Grey" alien depicted on the cover of Whitley Strieber's Communion. Crowley called them "Enochian entities" because he purportedly contacted them by using "Enochian calls", a Cabalistic system/language devised by 17th century Elizabethan magician, Dr. John Dee. From this alleged encounter, some have inferred that the industrious Mr. Crowley intentionally opened a portal of entry through the practice of ritual magick, which allowed the likes of Lam and other alien greys a passageway onto the Earth plane. Dr. John Dee and his "scryer", Edward Kelly, had their own strange encounters with -- as they called them -- "little men" who moved about "in a little fiery cloud."

190+ pages - 10¾ x 8¼ softcover

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