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$60 Server

$60 Server
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Do you have a website? Paying monthly to be on a shared host with thousands of other websites?

Why waste good money on that outdated method when you can have your own virtual dedicated server for only $60.00 a month?

Have a dedicated IP# for your site

90% of your site can be managed through a quality interface - Cpanel!

Your server can be managed from from Cpanel's Web Host Manager interface!

One Time setup cost of $15.00 (added under shipping costs in this cart)

CPU: 1 Core
Platform: Unix/Linux, Apache, PHP 5, MySql, OpenVZ
Memory: 1125 MB
Storage: 75GB Disk Space
Bandwidth : 9mbps / 2700GB
Web Host Manager
Dedicated IP
Includes one hour of admin help/service per month

Requirements: After your first Payment of $60.00 + one time setup fee $15.00:
In a separate email to the email address above send us

  • Your Legal name, first and last

  • Physical street address

  • City, State, Country, Postal Code/Zip

  • The email address to contact you at for this service

  • Phone# and times to reach you by phone.

  • The registered website domain name you want to initiate this server for

  • Copy and paste this agreement below into your email

    I understand and agree that my credit card/paypay account will be debited $60.00 once a month for the next month's service plus a $2.00 credit service fee. I understand that if the debit is declined that the server will go offline within 24 hours, unless payment is made. I understand that the debit to my credit card or paypal account will come from TGS HiddenMysteries, the parent company of Lone Star Store/Domains/Servers.
    If you need a website domain, click the banner below to acquire one.

    Your server will come with all this
    software and applications installed.

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    Type the characters you see in the picture:

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