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Altar of Venus

Altar of Venus
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Altar of Venus

The Erotic Education
of a Victorian Gentleman


Despite the fact that this story is the erotic autobiography of one of our most famous contemporaries, whose name is known to only the secretary of this society, it is replete with action and thrills. It goes far beyond the usual run of erotic literature. It is a man's frank and honest search of his soul for the answer to that world old question: The riddle of the universe - Why and How is SEX and to what depths does it go.



There is nothing to compare to it outside that field of psychosexual case books.

A word here as to how this manuscript fell into our hands. Without being too explicate we can say that sometime during the past two years there passed away one of the leading members of British Society. A sportsman, a Member of the House of Lords, one of the pillars of our National church, he was never known as a libertine. His memoirs have now shown him to be also a Prince in the peerage of Pornographia. In his declining years he apparently achieved sexual satisfaction thru his reminiscences. He, no doubt, little dreamed that they would some day be put before other eyes.

When his estate was being settled his secretary had opened the wall safe in his home and this manuscript was discovered. Fearing that the publication of such a revealing volume would blacken his late employers reputation he ordered the butler to burn it in the furnace.

This latter worthy gentleman upon repairing to the basement to carry out the order chanced to glance at a couple of pages and, while astounded, realized that such a treatise could mean money to him. He secreted it and at the first opportunity came to the undersigned. After perusing page after page, since I could barely put it down, I knew that here was a real find. I am quite sure that our members will appreciate that the price we paid for it was but small in comparison to its value.

The reader will find it scientifically accurate to the last detail. It is most illuminating in its portrayal of the love-life of one who thought of woman as the first consideration in life. No other work, within our knowledge so faithfully exposes the varied erotic urges that beset mankind.

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236 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover - Print size, 13 point font

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