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Conquest Through Immigration

Conquest Through Immigration
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Conquest Through Immigration

By George Robnett

"The Zionist Takeover of Palestine"-written after several trips to the Holy Land, the author looks at the pitiful conditions of the Palestinian Arab refugees and examines the history of Palestine and the succession of forces which have influenced that history, including the role of the Soviet Communists, British and Americans, and how their meddling has brought about the present tragic state of affairs. Also is an analysis of how Zionists collect money from Americans and a penetrating critique of Israel's "democratic" government.

From the back cover:

The additional value of this book, extending beyond its factual recording of strategic historical events, is probably its inevitable overtones which may be considered as a moral indictment of the doctrine of compulsary human relationships -- in contrast to the natural evolution of such responses.

This historical documentary presents evidential facts showing how two great democratic nations collaborated with fierce minority political ambitions in setting the stage for forced ethnic confrontations which eventuated into readily forseeable tragedy.

Both of these nations, partially as a result of the perfidious precedent they established in their Middle East adventure, are now faced with similar internal haunting confrontations. In the case of the United States particularly, this has led to perilous experimentations in government compulsion which history seems to indicate has never worked successfully and, in the nature of mankind, perhaps never will.

407 pages
Paper bound

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