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Claims of Christianity Examined

Claims of Christianity Examined
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Claims of Christianity

Charles Watts

IN the following pages there is no attempt to criticize all the alleged evidences in favor of Christianity. The aim of the writer has been to fairly examine the, principal claims that have recently been put forward on behalf of the orthodox faith. It is hoped that the examination that has been made, and the facts given in these pages, may be of some practical service to the young and earnest searchers for truth.


THE purpose of the following unpretentious contribution to the modern criticism of the claims of orthodox Christianity is to present to the reader, from a Rationalistic standpoint, a popular, brief, and impartial examination of the evidences which are set forth in support of the supernatural and unique character of the Christian religion. The object of the writer has been to ascertain if there is sufficient reason to justify the maintaining of the various positions that are now taken by Christian exponents in the defence of their faith.

The nature of the evidence required for such a purpose, and the different subjects to which it is applied, together with the questions that are defended, are all duly considered. We have taken the recently-published "Handbook of Christian Evidences," by Dr. Alexander Stewart, Professor of the Theological University of Aberdeen, as a basis for our critical examination; but we have not attempted to reply in detail to all the positions laid down in his book. We have preferred to give a general summary of the arguments that may be advanced against his conclusions, so that those who read both treatises may be the better able to form an accurate judgment on the various questions dealt with.

The "Handbook" is issued specially for the young, with the expressed hope "that it may be the means of strengthening the faith of inquiring minds, at a time when the most sacred truths are subjected to unsparing criticism." The Professor has stated his case calmly, and we trust it will be found that we have been equally calm in presenting the Rationalistic view.

We desire that those who read the "Handbook" should carefully peruse the following pages, and we hope that its contents may strengthen the discriminating power of inquiring minds at a time when all rational persons should be "ready always to give answer to every man that asketh them a reason concerning the hope that is in them."

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