Historical Reprints Religion Anderson's Sinaitic New Testament (Large Prnt)

Anderson's Sinaitic New Testament (Large Prnt)

Anderson's Sinaitic New Testament (Large Prnt)
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Publisher TGS Publishing
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Author Name H. T. Anderson
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Anderson's Sinaitic
New Testament

The Mount Sinai Manuscript

Large Print Edition

H. T. Anderson

Many translations of various parts of the Bible have been lost to the common man, reader, and researcher. Some are only available in privately owned collections. We try to keep as many as possible in print for our clients. The Greek manuscript was discovered at St. Catherine's Monastery on Mount Sinai by Constantine Tischendorf in 1844. The original manuscript is now preserved by the Petrograd Library in Russia. Anderson's is one of the few, if not the only, English translation of this manuscript. This edition has 20% larger type than the regular edition.



320+ pages - 8½ x 11 softcover

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