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Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes & Home Made Candy Recipes

Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes & Home Made Candy Recipes
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Author Name Miss Parloa, Janet McKenzie Hill
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Chocolate and
Cocoa Recipes

Home Made Candy Recipes

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Miss Parloa
Mrs. Janet McKenzie Hill

The term "Cocoa," a corruption of "Cacao," is almost universally used in English-speaking countries to designate the seeds of the small tropical tree known to botanists as THEOBROMA CACAO, from which a great variety of preparations under the name of cocoa and chocolate for eating and drinking are made. The name "Chocolatl" is nearly the same in most European languages, and is taken from the Mexican name of the drink, "Chocolate" or "Cacahuatl."

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The Spaniards found chocolate in common use among the Mexicans at the time of the invasion under Cortez in 1519, and it was introduced into Spain immediately after. The Mexicans not only used chocolate as a staple article of food, but they used the seeds of the cacao tree as a medium of exchange. No better evidence could be offered of the great advance which has been made in recent years in the knowledge of dietetics than the remarkable increase in the consumption of cocoa and chocolate in this country.



Chocolate Caramel Walnuts
(Uncooked Fondant)

" White of 1 egg,
" 3 tablespoonfuls of maple or caramel syrup,
" 1 tablespoonful of water,
" Sifted confectioner's sugar,
" 1 teaspoonful of vanilla extract,
" 2 or more squares of Baker's Chocolate,
" English walnuts.

Beat the white of egg slightly, add the syrup, water, sugar as needed, the chocolate, melted over hot water, and the vanilla, also more water if necessary. Work with a silver plated knife and knead until thoroughly mixed, then break off small pieces of uniform size and roll them into balls, in the hollow of the hand, flatten the balls a little, set the half of an English walnut upon each, pressing the nut into the candy and thus flattening it still more. The caramel gives the chocolate a particularly nice flavor.

164 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 161033647X
ISBN-13: 9781610336475

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