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Saint Joan of Arc (Twain)

Saint Joan of Arc (Twain)
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Author Name Mark Twain Samuel Clemens


Saint Joan of Arc

Mark Twain
(Samuel Clemens)

No other person's life, biography, and death from the Dark Ages has been so recorded in such detail and under sworn testimony, witnessed by her friends and enemies.

Her life and death is certainly one of those hidden mysteries of history that must be kept alive! What was it about Joan of Arc that famous writers, atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and non-Christians alike would come to admire her?

The life and times of Joan of Arc proves to the world several things:

    1. That church and state MUST be kept separate.

    2. That the church nor the state should have the power of murder and execution.

    3. That Christianity is not capable, or worthy, to enforce any laws of religion or state.

    4. It is dangerous to be a Christian with differing views from the fundamentalist heirarchy in a church ruled or church influenced state.

    5. That the state and church will perform political executions of innocent people with trumped up charges, trumped up evidence, and false testimony of church or state witnesses.

    6. That foreign states should never have the right to try prisoners, due to the kangaroo courts that enemy states create for execution of their enemies, and cover up of their own crimes.

    7. That church and state WILL TORTURE, even women, to extract lies, false confessions, to falsely justify their intentions of murder.

    8. That the world has been robbed of many great minds and people by the church and states violating the above tenets of truth.

TGS Publishing will keep as many books and materials in print as possible to keep the tragedy of Joan's hideous, religious, persecution and execution on the minds of modern day readers and researchers.

Mark Twain was not a fan of Christianity, perhaps an atheist, probably agnostic. He wrote three complete books on Joan of Arc that TGS has combined into one volume to make it more affordable. Mark Twain also wrote a children's version of the story of Joan of Arc, and this is the book presented here. TGS Publishing has maintained all the original drawings, layout, and the color pictures for children.

Here's what Mark Twain had to say about his research into Joan of Arc.

"I like the Joan of Arc best of all my books;
And it is the best; I know it perfectly well"
--Mark Twain


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