TGS Authors R.Sword Adepts of Deceit - Volume 2

Adepts of Deceit - Volume 2

Adepts of Deceit - Volume 2
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The Adepts of Deceit
Volume 2

By R. Sword

The Adepts of Deceit (vol 2)

From Biblical scholar, conscientious and thorough researcher, R. Sword evokes ancient history through the current events of today to show the correlation of how the lines of enslaving humankind are intricately link in a continuing thread to oppress the masses of people - keeping them from their 'truth' and from accomplishing the goals set for the human race.

This book is a continuation of the first but can stand on its own. There are going to be some interesting topics concerning the way banks conduct business and the most important part is how they conduct the business of others. To the uninitiated reader some of these procedures are going to be a very nasty surprise. The things I learned and therefore sharing with you had upset me greatly. Being sold out was not supposed to be an option of the American Dream. If people knew this on a whole, how far would the rage reach?

How and by whom was this country financed by during its first war? What type of debt did we get ourselves into right from the start? Who do we owe for this 'favor'? Who owned America before it was America? If everyone has a price then this country's soul was in bondage from the start. Not pretty things to think about but true. Are drugs so prevalent in the world that they are a commodity? How did they become such an integral part of the American dream?

How much debt is this country and its people really in? Who owns the IOU's? What is a prison? Some do not have visible bars. We are living off the future to pay our past, it is eventually going to overtake us but in what form.

Those who refuse to pay attention, when confronted with the facts, have the same selfish response 'not in my lifetime' which reveals the 'I do not care' for their children's future. Are we going to say the same thing?

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Softbound, 675+pages illustrated
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