TGS Authors R.Sword Adepts of Deceit - Two Volume Set

Adepts of Deceit - Two Volume Set

Adepts of Deceit - Two Volume Set
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Author Name R. Sword


Adepts of Deceit
Two Volume Set

By R. Sword

The Adepts of Deceit (vol 1)

Without doubt, this book and the ensuing volumes will set a benchmark for exposing the Agenda that is laid before us. The truth's herein will shock you, and may even terrify you. Do not be deceived into thinking that conspiracies do not exist-they do; Jesus was conspired against, as was J.F.K, as was Caesar. One thing you can be certain of after reading this great work is that there is hope for us all who are willing to believe after presented with the facts. Read the book and you will know.

Great research. Great book, Get it!.....

Husband, Father, Healthcare Professional

This book exists only to testify to TRUTH.

This work will show without any question of authenticity the state of the world today, where it is headed and that its time is so very short. It will be given in the format of a God's eye view of subjects and will leave to the reader any further in depth investigation. Knowledge is POWER and with that comes Understanding. Wisdom is the understanding of how to apply the knowledge that has been hidden from you. Those in high places have deliberately confiscated and hidden history to keep the people all over the world, raped, naked and blind. To know the past is to read the future (history has a way of repeating itself).

Ignorance is your greatest enemy.
What you don't know can kill you.

No matter how they have tried to keep these things hidden, Truth prevails. It just takes a little time to get there but it will get there.

EXCERPT: Chapter 2

One of the major things that would qualify for a global disaster would be a global economic collapse. As we have all seen in recent years, this is a very real concern. This will be orchestrated (all the world's a stage) by the Rothschild family, who own outright or control by proxy, the largest banks in the world. Subsequently, because of that power, they control by influence the rest of the banks worldwide.

The practice of depressing a country's economy is standard operating procedure for this family. The term 'international intrigue' can be laid at this family's door as the true founders of that term. In my opinion this collapse will be precipitated at Wall Street by sabotaging the computer circuit breakers that stop a potential catastrophic slide.

These circuit breakers work by stopping the computers that do automated bidding. Do not let anyone convince you that it is NOT THIS EASY. This would be labeled a 'terrorist act' and then we will see the Homeland Security Administration become a monster. We live in a digital age held together by spider webs of information, so logically the greatest weapon is a computer. Whose is going to be the gun in this case? My guess, the CIA, they are the masters of that art as proven by their own history. Remember Operation Northwoods.

End excerpt.


Publisher's Note:

Who and what is the WORLD'S CEO? This question is tackled in this massive research volume. This little known concept of a world managing CEO is brought to light by R. Sword. Could this be the fabled anti-christ or the messiah?

Who or what power on planet earth thinks that humans need a world manager? R. Sword lets you know that 'they' think of our planet as a business and to 'them' must be managed as such.

How could a world CEO affect our lives? -- even our existence! As the plan unfolds the World's CEO may have total control over all world resources, all world energy, and perhaps all human life. After all -- 'they' consider us human 'resources' --- resources to use at their disposal.

Are the actions of Bush in Afghanistan, ---in Iraq, ---on terrorism, ---on homeland security ---paving the way for this world leader/manager? Is the U.S. ignorantly setting the stage for world dominance by one single person -- sitting higher in position than all presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens?

Sword enlightens new facts to the reader about this position of world dominance and reveals prophetic parallels between several sources and this World CEO. Learn about current events that would launch this position into ultimate power over all life and the planet.

TGS Publishers

More from the author's website here on this link

This book is a continuation of the first but can stand on its own. There are going to be some interesting topics concerning the way banks conduct business and the most important part is how they conduct the business of others. To the uninitiated reader some of these procedures are going to be a very nasty surprise. The things I learned and therefore sharing with you had upset me greatly. Being sold out was not supposed to be an option of the American Dream. If people knew this on a whole, how far would the rage reach?

How and by whom was this country financed by during its first war? What type of debt did we get ourselves into right from the start? Who do we owe for this 'favor'? Who owned America before it was America? If everyone has a price then this country's soul was in bondage from the start. Not pretty things to think about but true. Are drugs so prevalent in the world that they are a commodity? How did they become such an integral part of the American dream?

How much debt is this country and its people really in? Who owns the IOU's? What is a prison? Some do not have visible bars. We are living off the future to pay our past, it is eventually going to overtake us but in what form.

Those who refuse to pay attention, when confronted with the facts, have the same selfish response 'not in my lifetime' which reveals the 'I do not care' for their children's future. Are we going to say the same thing?

Softbound, 1240+pages illustrated, in two volumes
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