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Worship of Augustus Caesar

Worship of Augustus Caesar
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Worship of Augustus Caesar

by Alexander Del Mar

This very rare work shows how the worship of the Roman emperors delayed the establishment of Christianity as the chief religion of the West for several centuries. This material derived from the study of coins, monuments, astrological and astronomical cycles is used to establish a new chronology and survey of history and religion.

From the preface:

    "The worship of Augustus has been admitted.... Its religious significance lies in the inferences that are to be drawn from it.

    ... Augustus Caesar set himself up for that Son of God whose advent, according to Indian chronology synchronised with the reappearance of the Oriental Messiah; the date being A.U. 691 (B.C. 63) the alleged year of Augustus' birth; that this claim and assumption appears in the literature of his age, was engraved upon his monuments and stamped upon his coins; that it was universally admitted and accepted throughout the Roman empire as valid and legitimate, both according to Indian and Roman chronology, astrology, prophesy, and tradition; that his actual worship as such Son of God -- Divus Filius- was enjoined and enforced by the laws of the empire, accepted by the priesthood and practised by the people; and that both de jure and de facto it constituted the fundamental article of the Roman imperial and ecclesiastical Constitution.

    ... Hitherto the worship of Augustus has been kept in the background of Roman antiquities. It must now be either explained away, or accorded a more prominent position in the history and constitution of that great empire from whose womb has issued all the states of the modern world."

This book was originally published in 1899. It goes hand in hand with Del Mar's other book "Middle Ages Revisited", published the same year.

Augustus Caesar was known as King of King and Lord of Lords. Julius Casear was God the Father.

Del Mar was the director of the Bureau of Statistics USA, after serving as the Mining Commissioner to the United States Monetary Commission of 1876. He is the author of several books on monetary history, including the book "History of Monetary Crimes." During his government tenure, he was visibly outspoken against the path of money policy the US had taken.

Del Mar, while obviously Christian (in an unfundamental sort of way), is uncompromising in exposing the frauds of the early church, the parallels to the pagan religions, and the lies and coverups by the hand of the Vatican. He doesn't condemn the Christian religion, but reveals hidden history in the ancient religions and lets you the reader decipher the parallels.

372 pages

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