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Wisdom of the Ancients

Wisdom of the Ancients
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of the Ancients

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Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

Such a lot of people like to have big words. Such a lot of people mess up the whole thing when they go in for Big Words.

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I like small words. It is so much easier to say what one means with small words. After all, if we are going to read a book in English, or Spanish, we do not normally need Sanskrit or Hindustani or Chinese words. However, some people like Big Words.

This is an honest attempt to give you a Dictionary of certain words, and to go into some detail about the meanings. In some instances the meaning could well constitute a monograph.

Monograph? MONOGRAPH? What is a monograph? A short essay on one subject will explain it.

But let us get on with our little Dictionary because that is what you will be interested in. I thought that first of all I should say-Just A Word!

We will start with the letter A. I cannot think of any which comes before, so the first word is:


ABHINIVESHA: This indicates possessiveness restricted to a love of life on Earth. It is an attachment to the things of life and a fear of death because of the loss of possessions which that will bring. Misers love their money, and they fear death because death will part them from their money. To those who suffer from this particular complaint I will say that no one has yet succeeded in taking even a penny into the next life!

ABSTINENCES: We have to abstain, or refrain from doing, certain things if we are to progress on the road to spirituality. We must refrain or abstain from injuring others; we must refrain from telling lies. Theft-we must avoid theft because it is altering the material balance of another person if we steal from them. Sensuality? That is an impure form of sex, and while pure sex can elevate one, sensuality can ruin one spiritually as well as financially!

Greed is a thing of which we should not be guilty. Mankind is lent money or abilities in order that we may help others. If we are greedy and refuse to help in case of genuine need, then we may be sure that help will be refused us in time of need.

If one can honor the Five Abstinences-abstention from injuring others, abstention from lies, abstention from theft, abstention from sensuality, and abstention from greed, then one can be at peace with the world, although it does not follow that the world can be at peace with one.

ACHAMANA: This is a rite practiced by those of the Hindu belief. It is a rite in which a worshipper purifies himself by thinking of pure things while sipping water and sprinkling water around him. In some ways it is similar to the sprinkling of water during a Christian ceremony. The Hindu, having done this, can then retire into a peaceful state of meditation.

ACHARYA: This is a word for a spiritual teacher, or, if you prefer it, a Guru. Acharya is frequently a suffix to the name of some revered religious teacher. ADHARMA: This indicates lack of virtue, lack of righteousness. The poor fellow probably does not abstain from any of the Five Abstinences.

AGAMA: A Scripture, or in Tibet a Tantra. It can be used to indicate any work which trains one in mystical or metaphysical worship.

300 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610337581
ISBN-13: 9781610337588

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