Weaver of Worlds

Weaver of Worlds
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Weaver of Worlds
From Navajo Apprenticeship to Sacred Geometry and Dreams
--A Woman's Journey in Tapestry

by David Jongeward

The author portrays with deep sensitivity and perception the creative, personal journey of his wife, master tapestry weaver Carolyn Jongeward.

"Visionary dreams and ancient teachings woven into new patterns of compelling beauty." -- Frank Waters, author of Book of the Hopi

Table of Contents


1. First Threads
2. First Loom
3. Emergence
4. Beauty Equals Harmony
5. Wings in Gold
6. Rain No Rain
7. Return and Give Away
8. A Tree and Two Dreams
9. The Journey North
10. Story Belts
11. The Marketplace
12. The House of Waters
13. The World Behind the Loom
14. Prism
15. Weaving Time
16. Waiting
17. Twilight
18. Alchemy

Author's Acknowledgments

In the Sioux system, the numbers one through five are called the left-hand count and each of the numbers has symbolic associations. One is the sun, two is the earth, three is plants, four is animals, five is the human being. The left-hand count is associated with the left half of the human being, which is said to be the receptive side, embracing the world of human experience. A drummer, for example, holds a hand drum with the left, or receptive, hand.

The numbers six through ten are considered the right-hand count, associated with the right half of the human, the active, or penetrating, side. The right arm is the striking arm, the coup-counting arm. In the right hand, a drummer holds the drum stick for beating the drum.

For the Lakota drumming itself is a symbolic expression of unity. With the drum stick and drum, drumming unites the receptive with the penetrating. Drum sound is prayer, the unified song of the people, the creative rhythm rising from the reconciliation of opposites.

End Excerpt

Softcover, 192 pages, 6 x 9, 12 color plates

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