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Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler

Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler
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Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler

by Antony C. Sutton

Makes Every Previous Book on World War II Obsolete

Finally, a distinguished scholar has penetrated the cloak of falsehood, deception, and duplicity that for more than thirty Years has protected one of the most incredible secrets of World War II: the support from key Wall Street financiers and other international bankers in subsidizing Hitler's rise to power.

Professor Antony C. Sutton proves that World War II was not only well planned, it was also extremely profitable - for a select group of financial insiders. Carefully tracing this closely guarded secret through original documents and eyewitness accounts, Sutton documents the roles played by J.P Morgan, T.W. Lamont, the Rockefeller interests, Manhattan banks, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, and scores of other business elitists.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler shows how the bloodiest, most destructive war in history was financed and promoted. It is sure to spark angry denials and heated debate.

Excerpt from the Introduction:
The role of this American power elite in the rise of Hitler should also be viewed in conjunction with a little-known aspect of Hitlerism only now being explored: the mystical origins of Naziism, and its relations with the Thule Society and with other conspiratorial groups. This author is no expert on occultism or conspiracy, but it is obvious that the mystical origins, the neo-pagan historical roots of Naziism, the Bavarian Illuminati and the Thule Society, are relatively unknown areas yet to be explored by technically competent researchers. Some research is already recorded in French; probably the best introduction in English is a translation of Hitler et la Tradition Cathare by Jean Michel Angebert.6

Angebert reveals the 1933 crusade of Schutzstaffel member Otto Rahn in search of the Holy Grail, which was supposedly located in the Cathar stronghold in Southern France. The early Nazi hierarchy (Hitler and Himmler, as well as Rudolph Hess and Rosenberg) was steeped in a neo-pagan theology, in part associated with the Thule Society, whose ideals were close to those of the Bavarian Illuminati. This was a submerged driving force behind Naziism, with a powerful mystical hold over the hard-core S.S. faithful. Our contemporary establishment historians barely mention, let alone explore, these occult origins; consequently, they miss an element equally as important as the financial origins of National Socialism.

In 1950 James Stewart Martin published a very readable book, All Honorable Men7 describing his experiences as Chief of the Economic Warfare Section of the Department of Justice investigating the structure of Nazi industry. Martin asserts that American and British businessmen got themselves appointed to key positions in this post-war investigation to divert, stifle and muffle investigation of Nazi industrialists and so keep hidden their own involvement. One British officer was sentenced by court martial to two years in jail for protecting a Nazi, and several American officials were removed from their positions. Why would American and British businessmen want to protect Nazi businessmen? In public they argued that these were merely German businessmen who had nothing to do with the Nazi regime and were innocent of complicity in Nazi conspiracies. Martin does not explore this explanation in depth, but he is obviously unhappy and skeptical about it. The evidence suggests there was a concerted effort not only to protect Nazi businessmen, but also to protect the collaborating elements from American and British business.

The German businessmen could have disclosed a lot of uncomfortable facts: In return for protection, they told very little. It is undoubtedly not coincidental that the Hitler industrialists on trial at Nuremburg received less than a slap on the wrist. We raise the question of whether the Nuremburg trials should not have been held in Washington - with a few prominent U.S. businessmen as well as Nazi businessmen in the dock!


Introduction : Unexplored Facets of Naziism

PART ONE: Wall Street Builds Nazi Industry

Chapter One : Wall Street Paves the Way for Hitler
1924: The Dawes Plan
1928: The Young Plan
B.I.S. - The Apex of Control
Building the German Cartels

Chapter Two : The Empire of I.G. Farben
The Economic Power of I.G. Farben
Polishing I.G. Farben's Image
The American I.G. Farben

Chapter Three : General Electric Funds Hitler
General Electric in Weimar, Germany
General Electric & the Financing of Hitler
Technical Cooperation with Krupp
A.E.G. Avoids the Bombs in World War II

Chapter Four : Standard Oil Duels World War II
Ethyl Lead for the Wehrmacht
Standard Oil and Synthetic Rubber
The Deutsche-Amerikanische Petroleum A.G.

Chapter Five : I.T.T. Works Both Sides of the War
Baron Kurt von Schröder and I.T.T.
Westrick, Texaco, and I.T.T.
I.T.T. in Wartime Germany

PART TWO: Wall Street and Funds for Hitler

Chapter Six : Henry Ford and the Nazis
Henry Ford: Hitler's First Foreign Banker
Henry Ford Receives a Nazi Medal
Ford Assists the German War Effort

Chapter Seven : Who Financed Adolf Hitler?
Some Early Hitler Backers
Fritz Thyssen and W.A. Harriman Company
Financing Hitler in the March 1933 Elections
The 1933 Political Contributions

Chapter Eight : Putzi: Friend of Hitler and Roosevelt
Putzi's Role in the Reichstag Fire
Roosevelt's New Deal and Hitler's New Order

Chapter Nine : Wall Street and the Nazi Inner Circle
The S.S. Circle of Friends
I.G. Farben and the Keppler Circle
Wall Street and the S.S. Circle

Chapter Ten : The Myth of "Sidney Warburg"
Who Was "Sidney Warburg"?
Synopsis of the Suppressed "Warburg" Book
James Paul Warburg's Affidavit
Some Conclusions from the "Warburg" Story

Chapter Eleven : Wall Street-Nazi Collaboration in World War II
American I.G. in World War II
Were American Industrialists and Financiers Guilty of War Crimes?

Chapter Twelve : Conclusions
The Pervasive Influence of International Bankers
Is the United States Ruled by a Dictatorial Elite?
The New York Elite as a Subversive Force
The Slowly Emerging Revisionist Truth

Appendix A
Program of the National Socialist German
Workers Party

Appendix B
Affidavit of Hjalmar Schacht

Appendix C
Entries in the "National Trusteeship" Account

Appendix D
Letter from the U.S. War Department to
Ethyl Corporation

Appendix E
Extract from Morgenthau Diary (Germany)

6 x 9", softback, 220 pages

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