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Iron Curtain Over America

Iron Curtain Over America
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The Iron Curtain Over America

By Col. John Beaty

The history of the rise and fall of the Khazar Empire and their war against the West since the earliest times. A book which caused American Jewry to declare an all out war against the author, who was a member of Military Intelligence.

Table of Contents:

Chapter I - The Teutonic Knights and Germany
Chapter II - Russia and the Khazars
Chapter III - The Khazars Join the Democratic Party
Chapter IV "The Unnecessary War"
Chapter V - The Black Hood of Censorship
Chapter VI - The Foreign Policy of the Truman Administration
Chapter VII - Does the National Democratic Party Want War?
Chapter VIII - Cleaning the Augean Stables
Chapter IX - American Can Still Be Free


Page 116

For a full account of our scandalous pro-Communist moves in denying small arms ammunition to China; our charging China $162.00 for a bazooka (whose list price was $36.50 and "surplus" price to other nations was $3.65) when some arms were sent; and numerous similar details, see "The China Story", already referred to.

Thus President Truman, Ambassador Marshall, and the State Department prepared the way for the fall of China to Soviet control. They sacrificed Chiang, who represented the Westernized and Christian element in China, and they destroyed a friendly government, which was potentially our strongest ally in the world government - stronger even than the home island of maritime Britain in this age of air and guided missiles. The smoke-screen excuse for our policy - namely that there was corruption in Chiang's government - is beyond question history's most glaring example of the pot calling the kettle black. For essential background material, see "Shanghai Conspiracy" by Major General Charles A Willoughby, with a preface by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur (Dutton, 1952).

Page 222

How would outside power force its will upon the United States? The day-by-day method is to exert economic pressure and to propagandize the people by the control of the media which shape public opinion. At least one other way, however, has actually been rehearsed. Full details are given by John Jay Daly in an article "U.N. Seizes, Rules American Cities" in the magazine, "National Republic" (September, 1951). As described by Mr. Daly, troops flying the United Nations flag - a blue rectangle similar to the blue rectangle of the State of "Israel" - took over Culver City, Huntington Park, Inglewood, Hawthorne, and Compton, California. The military "specialists" took over the government in a surprise move, "throwing the mayor of the city in jail and locking up the chief of police... and the chief of the fire department... The citizens, by a proclamation posted on the front of City Hall, were warned that the area had been taken over by the armed forces of the United Nations." If inclined to the view that this United Nations operation - even though performed by U.S. troops - is without significance, the reader should recall that the United States has only one-sixtieth of the voting powering the Assembly of the United Nations.

The present location of the UN headquarters not only within the United States but in our most alien-infested great city would make easy any outside interference intended to break down local sovereignty in this country - especially if large numbers of troops of native stock are overseas and if our own "specialist" contingents in the UN force should be composed of newcomers to the country. Such troops might conceivably be selected in quantity under a future UN rule that its troops operating for the UN almost exclusively to those who are foreign-born or sons of foreign-born parents. This is true because few soldiers of old American stock speak any foreign languages, whereas refugees and other immigrants and their immediate descendants usually speak two - English, at least of a sort, and the language of the area from which they or their parents came.

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280 pages, Softbound

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