Visions of Quevedo

Visions of Quevedo
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Author Name Fracois de Quevedo de Villegas
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Visions of Quevedo

Fraçois de Quevedo de Villegas

The Visions, are regarded as the most piquant production, that ever came from the fruitful and ingenious pen of Quevedo, one of the best Spanish writers.

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The prayers of the church being considered as the most efficacious remedies that can be employed against the possession of the devil, a malady almost invincible, some wealthy inhabitants of the country had brought into this city of Seville, one of their relations, who was thus afflicted, to confide his cure to a religious of renowned sanctity; or, in other words, for the purpose of having him exorcised.

On the day assigned for this operation, the possessed was carried to the church of the Cordeliers, which very soon overflowed with spectators. The gates having been shut before my arrival, I engaged a religious of my acquaintance to admit me. He introduced me by the gate of the monastery; but I had no sooner entered the church, than I had reason to repent my curiosity: I was hustled by the crowd, and overcome with the heat. There my regards were attracted by an unhappy wretch, of an ill figure, with wild eyes and disheveled garments, his hands bound behind his back, and uttering from time to time the most frightful yells.

There was much impatience testified to behold this holy priest, of whom I have spoken, whose name was Juan de Cardanas, father of Barnadino de Cardanas, Capuchin, and Bishop of Paragua, in America. After the performance of mass, he found himself so much indisposed, that they were obliged to postpone the exorcism till another day. I was not sorry; for, not partaking in the credulity of the people, who often impute epileptical complaints to the operation of demons, I had for a long time been desirous of personally verifying those things they relate concerning the possessions of the devil. I lost no time in visiting the relations of this unhappy person, whom I shrewdly suspected had recourse to this adroit method to rid themselves of the inconvenience of certain peccadilloes he had been engaged in. I inspired them with sufficient confidence to obtain permission to visit their lodgings the following night, with a view of making such an examination as I should judge proper. I preferred this time to any other, that I might the better conceal the defeat of my enterprise if it should not succeed.

The night being come, I was introduced into the chamber of the possessed whom they had placed upon a bed in such a manner that he could not rise. The presence of his friends prevented me from the proposition of certain questions I had meditated. The following will serve as a sample:

Is it possible to find out the philosopher's stone?

Can the quadrature of the circle be discovered?

Is there an universal panacea for every disease?

Is there among herbs, any simples which can inspire love in women, or protect from blows and wounds? I had put in writing some other objects of my curiosity; but as it was not a convenient time to propound them, I began to feel the pulse of the possessed. It was frequent and elevated: from time to time his eyes were troubled; and he had convulsive movements, from which he suffered very much.

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