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View from the Abyss

View from the Abyss
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View from the Abyss

2nd Edition
Revised and Updated

Brian J. Allan

In this fascinating and original work we embark upon a journey of imagination and exploration from the beginning of time to the end of infinity. The speculative essays and true life case files presented here may help shed fresh light upon many of the puzzles and enigmas that have confronted humanity since the beginning of time, enigmas reaching deep into the fibres of our very being and existence.


They are the primitive fears that lie concealed at the very core of the human condition, fears that are only now beginning to lose their mind-numbing terror as our understanding of the nature of reality gradually increases and superstition, lies and ignorance fade into the hooded gloaming of barely remembered dreams. Although the contents of the book of necessity often embrace current, cutting edge, scientific thinking it is not a science book; rather, it is a book of wonders and of hope.

For convenience the book is divided into six sections that, although dealing with different subjects, all revolve around a common theme. The reader will also notice that the same names may crop up in various chapters, although in a slightly different context; in fact context may be the single, common, defining factor when dealing with this subject.

This is simply because of the completely interchangeable and fluid nature of the phenomenon; the threads of the paranormal web are irrevocably linked in an infinite number of ways and some of them are not always obvious. It will also become obvious that aspects of religion are occasionally mentioned; this is almost unavoidable, because some of what is discussed here touches on areas and subjects that teeter right on the absolute edge of what is believable in terms of science and physics.

In different, and perhaps more innocent times, these subjects were easier to accept if attributed to an act of God, but, as we shall see, they are not. We also confront the hidden science of real magic and the amazing abilities of mediums. In addition there is the related, yet genuinely alarming phenomenon of poltergeist activity and the cutting edge discipline that ultimately underpins them all; quantum physics. As we shall see, this esoteric branch of science has its own utterly unique set of ever changing laws and is almost unbelievable in its implications for the human condition. It is here that the answer to who and what we are lies and it is here that the solutions to the great imponderables of reality exist only waiting to be confronted and uncovered, perhaps there is even an explanation for the concealed nature of God.

The work concludes firmly in the here and now with three real life examples that, in their own way, actively demonstrate a few of the many ways that the cracks in the façade of reality can be exposed. While reading this series of accounts and essays the reader is shown a number of truly astonishing possibilities, probabilities and incredible facts. It is likely that some of these revelations may cause the reader to re-evaluate their view of the world and even their own function in the scheme of things. If this is the case then so much the better, for it is intended to do so. It is also likely that some of the implications regarding the total ubiquity of reality might even bring a breath of comfort to those who feel themselves isolated and afraid.

Of necessity, in addition to hard facts, some of the conclusions presented here are speculative in nature, but it is speculation securely anchored to the ideas and opinions of some of the most agile and capable minds both past and present. In former times, when the pioneering scientific genius, Sir Isaac Newton, was asked how he was able to arrive at some of his far-reaching conclusions he reputedly replied, 'If I have seen further then it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.'

This remarkably humble, poignant and honest answer lies at the root of all fundamentally unique scientific discoveries, because it is only in extremely rare cases that science has made intuitive, quantum leaps in understanding with no previous foundation work. If no questions had been asked there would be no need to seek or supply answers, and it is in the nature of humanity to question, and frequently fear, what it cannot understand. In many cases the trappings surrounding these subjects have been stripped away to reveal the truths that lie at their heart. The machinery that drives the varied phenomena may not be obvious, but it is there and it is absolutely fundamental to its operation. Magic and science are one and are very real and your wishes and desires create them!


Content Synopsis
Section One
Is This How it all Began?
In the Beginning
The Big Bang
Sonoluminescence and the Oscillating Universe
Steady State Theory
Section Two
The Dawn of Magic
The View from the Abyss
Science and Magic
The Dark Side of Magic
Into the Abyss
The Goetia
'The abyss gazes also into thee'
Demons from Hyperspace
The Mechanics of Magic
Reality Bites
The Method
The Mechanism
Is Chaos Magic the Key?
Sympathy for the Devil?
Dwellers in the Dark
And Deliver Them From Evil
The Third Reich and the Occult
The Key Players
Adolph Hitler
Heinrich Himmler and the SS
The Prevailing Culture
The Grail Quest
The Societies
The Rest
The Outcome
Section Three
The Dimension of the Spirits
Now You See It, Now You Don't
The Philadelphia Experiment
The Hutchison Effect
Into the Quantum World
The Spiritual Dimension
Worlds Within Worlds
Monatomic Elements and Alternate States of Being
Multidimensional Dowsing
Monatomic Elements
The Alchemical Connection
The Ark of the Covenant
Alternative Accounts of the Ark of the Covenant
The Discovery of the Ark
The Ark as a Weapon
The Ark as a Communication Device
The 'Orbs' Phenomenon
What is Spirit?
The Alternatives
Quantum Realities
Capturing Images of Orbs
In the Air Tonight
Physical levitation, fact or fiction
The Religious Connection
Healing Places
Healing and 'The New Age'
Section Four
The Poltergeist Dimension
The Poltergeist Enigma
Shadows and Orbs
The Scole Group
The Legacy of the Sauchie Poltergeist
The 2000 Re-investigation
Poltergeists and Politics
Poltergeists and Politics
Testing the Water
The Outer Limits
The Flock
Section Five
The Quantum Alternative
Whistling in the Dark
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Mirror, mirror---
The Klein Continuum
The Account of TWL
The Klein Continuum
The Neural Gateway
All the Colours of Darkness
All the Colours of Darkness
Adrift in the Cyber Universe
Adrift in the Cyber Universe
Time Travel
Quantum Computers
The Soul Catcher Chip
Section Six
The Way Home
The New Bible Code
Hidden in Plain Sight
Sometimes They Come Back
Reincarnation and the Secret Messiah
Sometimes They Come Back
The Account of Alan H. Stricof
List of Key Synchronicities
Additional Information
The Rosslyn Cipher
A Brief History of Rosslyn Chapel
The Lady Chapel
The Devil's Chord
The Solfeggio Frequencies
Chladni Patterns
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