Using Candle Burning

Using Candle Burning
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Using Candle Burning
To Contact Your
Personal Guardian Angel

William Alexander Oribello

First, it is suggested that you read this book from start to finish, casually, so as to get a feel for its true mission. Then go over the book a second time, taking in and performing the various rituals, as well as reviewing the valuable information. Within the pages of this book you will discover "the Seven Ministering Angels of the Seven Blessings", and how to connect with them to manifest the Seven Great Blessings in your life.

You may connect with the power of these specific angels by using ordinary white candles. These angels should not be confused with the Seven Archangels who we will discover later in this presentation and who require different colored candles. The angels discussed in chapter one are the most powerful ministering angels who only require a simple Holy Rite termed "Angel Mass," and white candles prepared according to my instructions.

Chapters Two through Eight will instruct you how to obtain the Seven Great Blessings of life for yourself, by using powerful techniques that I have shared with many throughout my career as a Metaphysical Instructor.

The closing chapters will give information about the Archangels, as well as instructions on how you can become a human angel in your current life. I admonish you to reject all doubt which can only lead to sorrow, and approach this work with a pure heart-that of simple child-like-faith DIVINE MIND BLESS YOU!

Before getting into our work, let us consider the word Angel: this is an English word to describe a heavenly messenger. However, its origin is from the Greek Word "Angelo," meaning a human messenger. This reveals early belief in angels-that either a divine spirit or a human could be used as a holy messenger to minister to the needs of anyone requiring help. How many times has someone suddenly received inspiration

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