Unobstructed Universe

Unobstructed Universe
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Unobstructed Universe

by Stewart Edward White

From the Author of The Betty Book, Stewart E. White's most popular work has been this historic reprint: The Unobstructed Universe...
"Today, the first essential of brotherhood is freedom. Freedom to think, freedom to believe, freedom to strive, freedom to develop, from highest to lowest. And the employer who refuses this opportunity to the men who work under him is no more truly a force of disintegration than the laborer who refuses to cooperate with his employer and thus proves himself unworthy of a place in the procession of progress...


Thus it was that communication with the Invisibles, disincarnate earth-entities, had been of daily occurrence in Betty's and my home. I had taken down in my own brand of "shorthand," and then typed for record purposes, several thousand single-spaced pages of teachings so received. From these several thousand pages, containing well over a million words, I had written my four books acclaiming the intellectual reasonableness of the continuity of life--the going forward of the individual I-Am after natural death. And then, very soon after the last proofs had received the author's corrections, Betty died. What happened out on the hillside under the trees that April night I have told elsewhere. That record still stands. While Across the Unknown was actually in press, I added one short chapter entitled "I Bear Witness." I repeat a portion of it here because I can tell it no better:

"You know the cozy, intimate feeling of companionship you get sometimes when you are in the same room; perhaps each reading a book; not speaking; not even looking at one another. It is tenuous, an evanescent thing--one that we too often fail to savor and appreciate. Sometimes, in fact, it takes an evening or two of empty solitude to make us realize how substantial and important it really is.

"Then, on the other hand, you know how you draw closer by means of things you do together. And still more through talk and such mental interchanges. And most of all, perhaps, in the various physical relationships of love and marriage. "Now when you stop to think of it, all these latter material contacts, right through the whole of life, are at root and in essence aimed at really just one thing: that rare inner feeling of companionship suggested feebly in the sitting-by-the-fire idea. That is what we REALLY are groping for in all friendly and loving human relations, hampered by the fact that we are different people more or less muffled from each other by the barriers of encasement in the body.

"Well, within a very few minutes that: companionship flooded through my whole being from Betty, but in an intensity and purity of which I had previously had no conception. It was the same thing, but a hundred, a thousand times stronger. And I realized that it more than compensated for the little fact that she had stepped across, because it was the thing that all our physical activities together had striven for, but--compared with this--had gained only dimly and in part. Why not? Actually it was doing perfectly what all these other things had only groped for. So what use the other things? and why should I miss them? "Does this sound fantastic? Maybe; but it is as real and solid as the chair I am sitting on. So much so that I have never in my life been so filled with pure happiness. No despair; no devastation; just a deeper happiness than I have experienced with her ever before, save in the brief moments when everything harmonized in fulfillment. "And furthermore it has lasted, and is with me always."

Now, more than a year later, I can in all honesty repeat: "It has lasted, and is with me always." The experience of that night was charged neither with the exultation of emotional belief nor the quiet sureness of intellectual knowledge. There was just a quick dissolving of my conflict; for BETTY had not gone--SHE was still with me. There was left me no doubt as to her Presence with me on the hillside.

Paperback, 5 x 8, 300+ pages

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