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Once you know,
you can never go back to merely believing.

by Mark Kimmel

Years before he exited a successful venture capital career, Mark Kimmel began to understand there was a larger purpose to life. As soon as he abandoned his business paradigm, the mysteries of the larger truth began to unfold themselves. His exciting discoveries are contained in his first novel, Trillion. Mark has been listed in Who's Who since 1985. He has degrees in engineering, marketing, finance and psychology.

What if---you knew you were not alone?

What if---you found out the universe was both friendly and organized?

What if---you discovered you did make a difference?

What if---you were asked to lead the way?

Ryan Drake, a successful entrepreneur, learns that the answers to these questions are as real as anything he's ever experienced in business. His story begins in a remote corner of the Navajo Reservation, and through seeming coincidences, he discovers that his view of this world, of the cosmos, was narrow, to say the least. Ryan's ultimate test takes place when those who oppose this larger truth discover him and his off-planet friends. It becomes a race to see if Ryan and his friends can convince the right people before they are silenced.

Yet this inspirational adventure is not just a journey through one's imagination. It helps readers discover a new paradigm on how to view the universe, and the reason they are here. Trillion is based on first-hand experiences. Ideas from philosophy and psychology, to medicine, science, and cosmology have been incorporated into this important work.


Pate 83

The scene changed again and he saw the curvature of the planet. He saw it unassisted, as if from an orbiting platform in the full light of day. The continent of North America lay beneath him; the immense globe filled he peripheral vision. Harmony was an indistinct spot somewhere in the beige desert of the Southwest. Thick clouds covered the Midwest; the California coastline touched the radiant blue of the Pacific; the vastness of Canada lay to the north. Like an astronaut seeing his home planet from space, a sense of awe and wonderment filled him. He wished that everyone could have this vision of oneness, land without boundaries, pristine waters, nature untouched by the hand of man.

The globe began to rotate and he viewed the broad expanse of the Pacific, the breadth of Asia, the coastline of Europe, and back to the North American Continent. The planet's beauty startled him. To the casual observer, this celestial gem did not reveal congested cities, or man's steady replacement of the natural with concrete, asphalt, and garbage. Despite his great height and no apparent support, he had no fear of falling. Ryan felt the reassuring grip of Sara's hand.

A view of Earth as a tiny sphere, blue water, green and brown land, patchy white clouds. A view of the sun surrounded by a starry backdrop. While successive views played across his mind's eye, Ryan felt exhilaration. Earth bound humans could but imagine the view presented to him. Yet here he was, traveling away from Earth as if aboard a spacecraft. His home planet receded into the background and disappeared amongst the fantastic brilliance of the stars.

End Excerpt.

Hardbound, 6x10, 362 pages

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