Historical Reprints History Tragic Era : The Revolution After Lincoln

Tragic Era : The Revolution After Lincoln

Tragic Era : The Revolution After Lincoln
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The Tragic Era
The Revolution After Lincoln

by Claude G. Bowers

A superb reprint of the Lost & Concealed history of the reconstruction era in the United States. First published in 1929, the book shows how and when the people in the U.S. lost its freedoms, its constitution, its innocence at the hands of a totalitarian Congress. The federal courts in the South were established as MILITARY districts, and remain so to this day.

Many people find it hard to understand why so many Southerners still have strong feelings about the Civil War. These feelings cannot be understood unless one understands the Reconstruction Period. The Tragic Era is probably the best book on that period.


"...stealing was a virtue, with decent citizens submerged and silenced. The only public opinion necessary to conciliate was that of thieves. Robbers included men in politics and out. Public officials made common cause against the Treasury. When one of these was charged with stealing, he replied, "let them prove it.' ... South Carolina was almost completely at the mercy of white and black corruptionists."

"When Moses, the Speaker, required more funds for his debauchery and made out a pay certificate for twenty-five hundred dollars, Lieutenant-Governor Ransier refused to approve unless included."

"Meanwhile the NORTH knew precisely what was going on..."

"Most of the negroes now enlisted in clubs, and drilled to believe their freedom depended on Republican or Radical Rule."

567 pages. 5x8,

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