Science Mysteries Suppressed Science Tesla Papers, The : Free Energy and Wireless Transmission of Power

Tesla Papers, The : Free Energy and Wireless Transmission of Power

Tesla Papers, The : Free Energy and Wireless Transmission of Power
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Author Name Nikola Tesla & David Hatcher Childress


The Tesla Papers
Free Energy and Wireless
Transmission of Power

by Nikola Tesla
Edited by David Hatcher Childress

In the tradition of The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla, The Anti-Gravity Handbook and The Free-Energy Device Handbook, science and UFO author David Hatcher Childress takes us into the incredible world of Nikola Tesla and his amazing inventions. Tesla's rare article 'The Problem of Increasing Human Energy with Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun's Energy' is included. This lengthy article was originally published in the June 1900 issue of The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine and it was the outline for Tesla's master blueprint for the world. Tesla's fantastic vision of the future, including wireless power, anti-gravity, free energy and highly advanced solar power. Also included are some of the papers, patents and material collected on Tesla at the Colorado Springs Tesla Symposiums, including papers on:

  • The Secret History of Wireless Transmission

  • Tesla and the Magnifying Transmitter

  • Design and Construction of a half-wave Tesla Coil

  • Electrostatics: A Key to Free Energy

  • Progress in Zero-Point Energy Research

  • Electromagnetic Energy from Antennas to Atoms

  • Tesla's Particle Beam Technology

  • Fundamental Excitatory Modes of the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity

Page 55:

Having recognized this truth, I began to devise means for carrying out my idea, and, after long thought, I finally conceived a combination of apparatus which should make possible the obtaining of power from the medium by a process of continuous cooling of atmospheric air. This apparatus, by continually transforming heat into mechanical work, tended to become colder and colder, and if it only were practicable to reach a very low temperature in this manner, then a sink for the heat could be produced, and energy could be derived from the medium. This seemed to be contrary to the statements of Carnot and Lord Kelvin before referred to, but I concluded from the theory of the process that such a result could be attained. This was at a time when my mind was being more and more dominated by an invention which I had evolved during the preceding year, and which has since become known under the name of the "rotating magnetic field."

Page 127:
Star Wars

Tesla's numerous inventions could be applied in a variety of ways for military purposes, e.g. particle beam weapons, world radar, earthquake contrivances, brain wave manipulation. One or more magnifying transmitters could theoretically send destructive impulses through the earth to any location. For instance, a well placed jolt of many millions of volts could theoretically destroy the communications network of any major city. Recent discourses on potential future warfare technologies stemming mainly from parapsychologists such as Tom Bearden [2, 3, 4] and Andrija Puhrich [28, 29] suggest that the Soviets have already harnessed various Tesla weapons including apparatus for weather and mind control [41. 53].

In the fall of 1976, an ominous 10 Hz transmission picked up in Canada and in the northwestern part of the United States was attributed to Soviet-Tesla mind-control weaponry experiments [5]. These extremely low frequencies (ELF waves) labeled "woodpecker transmissions" are hypothesized to be Soviet attempts to "entrain" the brain waves of Americans. Through modulating this resonant neuronal frequency, detrimental effects in thought processes and even health problems could supposedly be augmented [3. 5]. Puharich [29] has invented a device to protect a person from such dangerous transmissions.
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224 pages. 8x10, Softbound

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