New Call, The

New Call, The
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The New Call

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TODAY MANKIND STANDS WITNESS upon the eve of a great world transition. An unprecedented global metamorphosis is presently underway in preparation for a momentous leap in consciousness which the whole planet is about to take.

As a result of the Earth's entry into the age of Aquarius and due to the new life-energies that are flooding the planet, every human being is today faced with a critical choice that shall greatly affect both the present course of their life and their future spiritual journey, throughout incalculable incarnations.

This book throws light upon the key issues that are directly relevant today during the dawn of the Aquarian Age, so that the reader may make informed choices and so take advantage of the forthcoming unprecedented occasion.

Offers indispensable keys to awakening which are required to unlock the door of opportunity leading from the old age to the New.

Clarifies the obscurities and eradicates the unnecessary complexities that have grown up around New Age thinking.

Unshrouds the sinister side of the New Age movement as well as its divine promise.

Contains everything that mankind needs to understand in order to be prepared for that which lies just a little way ahead for us all.


The Liberating Path of Service

WHEN WE IDENTIFY AND STRUGGLE with the problems of the personal self we cannot see a way out of our loneliness and suffering because we are looking in the wrong direction! Should we forget this most important principle of life, we need only recall to mind the existence and example of our sun, which constantly demonstrates a fundamental divine law.

As above, so below. The sun is the crown chakra of the body of our solar system, and the solar system itself is a great deity "in which we live and move and have our being," as the old adage affirms. The solar deity is a macrocosmic example of the human microcosm, with its mental, emotional and physical vehicles of expression. Similarly, an atom is the microcosmic reflection of the human being and, in its turn, the sun is but a microcosmic expression of something far greater, and so it goes on unto Infinity. Through the cosmic evolutionary process, every atom is destined to become a sun and more, as the One Universal Being-God-expands eternally

Returning to our local solar system, the same essential laws apply to both the sun and the soul of man. In observing our physical sun we might regard with due awe its natural ability to draw power from an evidently limitless source, and to subsequently bestow light, heat and other life-giving energies continually upon all creatures and forms of life within its boundaries, its body. The same applies to the human microcosm, and through the soul of man flow the vital energies that nourish and sustain all the bodily processes-subtle and physical-providing the life-force and intelligence of each cell and every single atom that constitutes the human being; thus the soul-or personal deity-informs and animates the very consciousness of man.

Now, the sun shines! It does not try to shine; it does not perform rituals, resound prayers or practice any kind of spiritual technique in order to gain something or to better itself, and it certainly does not struggle with countless personal problems, desires and fears as does humanity, and this not doing is the secret of its success. Conversely in man's personal struggle for 'freedom, in his antagonistic efforts to gain happiness for the separate self, in his self-imposed separation from the true and inclusive life of the Spirit, and in his ignorant and exclusive self-regard, he is actually contravening one of life's greatest laws, and so he must pay the price. Self-orientation contracts consciousness, and in thus obstructing the light of his very own soul ---

Paperback, 125+ pages, 5 x 8 inches

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