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State Sovereignty

State Sovereignty
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State Sovereignty

by Edward A. Meany

State Sovereignty
by Edward Augustin Meany

This rare treatise was written by Missouri Judge E. A. Meany. The treatise was an open challenge to the lies being espoused by President Lincoln and the so-called perpetual unionist of the day.

It was published as an open challenge to President Lincoln on August 9, 1861 in the Missouri Republican of St. Louis.

Meany challenges point by point each argument being purported from the bully pulpit of President Lincoln.

This rare reprint is a must for all secessionists of the twenty first century and Civil War historians.

The message declares that "No one of them (the States) ever was a State out of the Union."

Had the President read the act of Congress (and the Executive is supposed to be acquainted with the laws which lie is sworn to execute) approved by President WASHINGTON, July 31, A.D. 1789, styled: "An Act to regulate the collection of the duties imposed by law on the tonnage of ships or vessels., and on goods, wares and merchandises imported into the United States," he would have learned a lesson that conflicts with the truth of his declaration. Perhaps the same patriotism that urges him to the violation of that Constitution for whose preservation he "had an oath recorded in Heaven," requires him to be ignorant of laws or decisions of the United States when they are found to he inconsistent with his theory of government. He would have learned that the Congress of the United States knew that not only one but two of the original thirteen States were out of the Union.

Paperback 5x8, 40 pages

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