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Thousands of years ago, Stargate technology from an ancient alien civilization on Earth was lost. The keepers of this technology were regarded as gods. Mayan prophecy predicts that this lost Stargate technology will be rediscovered by the year 2012, marking the dawn of a new age, the birth of a new type of human, and a shift in the matrix of reality.

Disk 1: Surfing the Tides of the Milky Way.

Nobody knows for sure what will happen in the year 2012. However, ancient legend speaks of a giant pulsating beam or wave of light consisting of "enlightenment particles" that will emanate from heaven, penetrating the planet and all life on Earth. Join investigative mythologist and author William Henry on a journey of discovery to explore our galactic core and a new "Milky Way based Metaphysics. Using stunning Hubble telescope images of galaxies and amazing images of crop circles that defy explanation, William Henry will untie the "superstrings" of Stargate 2012, and unite crop circles with the Milky Way, and ancient Egypt with this rising new spirituality. Surf's up in hyper space! It?s Stargate 2012 time.

Disk 2: Living the Re-Evolution

An ancient prophecy, a miraculous new spiritual technology, a bright new world. In the books Cloak of the Illuminati, Oracle of the Illuminati and Empire of the Illuminati investigative mythologist William Henry has analyzed the most cryptic symbols of 2012. In this program, you will see how the pieces of this puzzle, together with Sumerian, Egyptian and Mayan artwork and symbolism, reveal a shared vision held by these diverse cultures - a vision of the 'Stargate of the Gods,' which was considered to be a Stairway to Heaven according to their shared beliefs. Join investigative mythologist and author William Henry as he compares these images with those of modern science to present the background for a revival of the human race which is beginning to unfold right now, before our eyes.

210 minutes - 2 DVD disks


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