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Stargate Conspiracy

Stargate Conspiracy
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The Stargate Conspiracy

by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

Revealing the truth behind extraterrestrial contact, military intelligence and the mysteries of Ancient Egypt

The Stargate Conspiracy exposes the most insidious, disturbing - and successful - mass manipulation of our times. Designed to bring us, hearts, minds and souls under the total control of the conspirators, this sinister programme has ruthlessly exploited our Millennial craving for signs and wonders - even hijacking the predicted return of the ancient gods.

The Conspiracy...

Its central focus is the belief that the gods of the ancient world were extraterrestrials who created and civilised the human race, that they're back - and that, communicating through special chosen ones, they are actively directing the way we think.

However, The Stargate Conspiracy reveals that this romantic and exciting scenario was in fact the brainchild of the West's most powerful intellectual agencies. Designed to become a new religion for the 21st century, its real purpose is political - to make us easier to control.

Centered on the search for lost secrets of the pyramid builders, this extraordinary true story reveals the links between US scientific intelligence agencies, Mars and ancient Egypt. For almost 50 years, like Frankenstein's monster, this conspiracy has been put together from cultish - but astonishingly powerful - belief systems, culminating in the emergence of a new fundamentalism that is gathering strength by feeding on Millennium fever.

Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince reveal the secret agenda that unites apparently independent authors and researchers - including top names with millions of readers worldwide - and which is targeted to all of us. The Stargate Conspiracy reveals that even the genuine mysteries of the gods themselves have been hijacked by powerful cabals - which include top industrialists, politicians, scientists and intelligence agencies such as MI5 and the CIA - in order to fulfill their secret agenda. At the heart of this conspiracy is the belief that the ancient Egyptian gods were - and are - extra terrestrial beings, that certain key people are in contact with them, and that they are about to return through the 'stargate' between our world and theirs.

Are we prepared for the imminent return of the gods? And will we be expected unquestioningly to accept the conspirators as our spokesmen? Or is this an exercise in mass manipulation designed to make us support the conspirators? As they calculatedly whip up Millennium fever, triumphantly persuading us that they alone know how to talk to the gods, this book serves as a serious warning to mankind.

The Main Points:

From the Authors:

Over the last few years, the public has come to accept specific ideas about the 'message' of ancient Egypt, largely due to the works of certain high-profile authors. But we demonstrate that many of the principles of this 'New Egyptology' are not only based on false-premises, but have also been used by others as part of a secret long-term agenda.

We reveal the shadowy presence of US government agencies behind the current interest in the Giza plateau.

An essential part of this plot is the alleged link between ancient Egypt and a lost civilisation on Mars, based on the discovery of supposedly artificial features on that planet. We show that this view is seriously flawed, and that the intelligence agencies are actively encouraging the promotion of a meaningful Egypt-Mars connection.

We show that key people in the promotion of the 'message' of Egypt and Mars are involved in a cultish cabal who believes they are in direct contact with extraterrestrial intelligences from Sirius who claim to be the gods of ancient Egypt. This group, which has existed for almost fifty years, has included many famous names, multimillionaires and cutting-edge scientists. It has also, disturbingly, had a profound influence on the decision-making of certain world leaders...

The Stargate Conspiracy reveals that this group was in fact cynically and deliberately manipulated from the first by the CIA - and that this programme is ongoing.

We trace the inspiration for the conspiracy back to the ideology of certain extreme right-wing occult movements of the 19th and 20th centuries.

We conclude that the conspirators are deliberately harnessing the most profound and cherished beliefs of today's society - from fundamentalist Christianity and the 'message' of ancient civilisations to the alien abduction scenario - to create a new, more widely acceptable religion for the post-Millennial West. We reveal that, underlying the apparently acceptable tenets of this religion is an insidious right-wing ideology., the true danger lurking inside the Trojan Horse of its New Age image.

However, even though the manipulators have abused and hijacked the ancient Egyptian mysteries for their own ends, that does not mean that there are no such mysteries.

We reveal the ground-breaking research that provides a plausible answer to the most enduring questions about the ancient Egyptians' achievements and beliefs - and, explosively, uncover the true nature of the gods themselves...

6 x 9, soft, 320pp

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