Solar Biology

Solar Biology
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Solar Biology

A Scientific Method
Delineating Character; Diagnosing Disease;
Determining Mental, Physical, And
Business Qualifications, Conjugal Adaptability,
From Date Of Birth.

Hiram E. Butler

This is probably the most in depth scientific study into astrology ever put to pen. Its unique approach to the study of astrology and its effect on human behavior, health, personality, circumstances, and environments is certainly a book that every experienced or novice astrologer should have to explain the 'why' of astrology.

From the Editor:

IN preparing the manuscript of Solar Biology for the press we have in many instances embodied the author's idea in our own phraseology; and should diversity of style be observed, it may be accounted for on that ground: we have also frequently carried out his lines of thought to greater length, but strictly in conformity with the basic principles of the science, which admits of an almost unlimited expansion of details: we have also at times introduced collateral matter, to the end of more fully illustrating the subject by what seemed to us useful suggestions.

We have also supplied an Appendix wherein we follow out a line of deductive thought, and therein endeavor to throw light, from the focus of this science, on some of the most momentous themes that have occupied and perplexed the ablest minds for centuries, and we trust the suggestions in this department will prove of service to all earnest thinkers.

In addition to the above explanation we wish to submit a few thoughts regarding the work itself. It is an admitted scientific axiom that man is a world in miniature; yea, more, an epitome and image of the universe itself! This being so, man necessarily holds a definite relation to all its parts, both near and remote. His immediate dependence on the elements of this globe-earth, air, fire, and water-is too obvious and familiar to require more than mention; but this planet, earth, is but a single function of the solar system, which, in turn, stands intimately related and dependent on other systems: thus the material universe is bound together, and its various parts are interdependent as virtually as the vital functions of the human system, no one of which can be affected without reacting and influencing the whole body.

Man, therefore, is not a citizen of this world merely, but of the solar system and the universe in all its parts, both visible and invisible; consequently there is not a star that shines or a sun that burns but what has expression in his being, either active or latent. The philosophical truthfulness of this proposition we think must be admitted by every reasoning mind; but the question arises, Can we trace this relation, can we demonstrate this influence? To this, so far as the immediate planets are concerned, Solar Biology answers, Yes!

The relations that the various elements of earth sustain to each other have been ascertained only by careful and persistent observation and experiment. The elaborate and exact results of science, chemistry, etc., have been reached by processes of investigation, until a vast amount of experimental and useful knowledge has been acquired; nor is this line of research, observation, and experiment limited to visible substance. We cannot see electricity, but we know of its existence through its manifestations, and have found means to utilize its force, not only for the transmission of intelligence, but for the production of light, heat, and power, and also as a remedial and chemical agent. But human observation extends beyond the confines of the earth, and defines the positions and movements of the heavenly bodies, even analyzing their chemical and other constituents; also demonstrating that they exert a decided influence over each other, the knowledge of which has led to the discovery of additional planets.

In 1846 it was observed that Uranus (then recently discovered) when in certain positions deviated from its course, which implied the existence of a then unknown planet. Several astronomers brought their telescopes to bear upon the indicated portion of the heavens, and Neptune was discovered, and thus the cause of the eccentricity explained. The attractive influence of the sun and moon in heaping up the waters and causing the phenomena of the ocean tides is also well understood.

We can trace how the alchemy of the Middle Ages has been transformed into the exact, elaborate, and useful science of chemistry, and a corresponding progress has also been made in astronomy and other branches; but have all lines of research been exhausted? is there nothing more to learn? Far from it; our present knowledge is relatively but as a drop in a bucket, and Solar Biology introduces a field of research which, through observation and experiment, will come in time to be recognized and appreciated as being as demonstrable as chemistry or astronomy.

If the sun, moon, and planets exert an influence on the earth as a whole, they must necessarily affect each thing in particular, and their relation to man, and the nature he derives by virtue of their positions is what Solar Biology undertakes to demonstrate.

Conceding that they exert an influence in a general way, is it not presumptuous to attempt to draw the line, and say their relation to the nature and character of man cannot be traced? We might as fittingly say that it is enough to know that the sun gives light and heat; but it is found that the ray of light can be analyzed, can be separated into its different colors, its various vibrations ascertained, chemical action determined, and many other wonderful and useful things demonstrated. Solar Biology, so to speak, turns the spectrum of planetary influence upon the phenomena of human life, and analyzes its significance.

From the Preface:

THE author, who has devoted many years of his life to scientific research and unfoldment of the higher or intuitive faculties (a large portion of which time has relatively been passed as a recluse), has had but one general object in view; viz., to be of the greatest possible service to the world in which he lives.

From external and intuitive research he is satisfied that this science was well known in the golden age of the world, when religion and science walked hand in hand in a most divine harmony, as counterparts in one grand whole. He finds in it the foundation principles, not only of the Hebraic and Christian Bible, but of all the sacred books of the great religions of antiquity. Traces of it are found in the great pyramid Cheops of Egypt, and also in the sacred temples of India, and wherever temple relics of the great religions of antiquity are found.

The importance of this system can scarcely be appreciated without years of careful critical study and experiment. It demonstrates the fact that all are members of one great body, and that each are members in particular; and, as use is the supreme law of God which determines all qualities whether good or evil, therefore every member of the body of humanity is useful to a greater or less degree to the rest of the body, and the great confusion that now exists in the world arises wholly from the ignorance of persons as to their true nature and real sphere of use. There are two general causes for failure and inharmony. First, parents often educate their children in a calling for which they have no adaptability, and many times leave them a fortune with which to carry on that calling, and, as they have no adaptation to it, they soon lose their money, and, after frequent efforts to rise again, they get discouraged and become vagabonds on the earth.

The second cause of inharmony is misunderstanding of each other's motives. This. system, when applied according to the rules given in this book, will obviate these two great evils, also many others; for by it parents will not only be enabled to understand each other's nature, but can know what care their children should have whilst young, and what their strong and weak points are, both vitally and mentally, thereby saving the lives of thousands of little ones who would otherwise go prematurely into eternity.

It will enable parents to know just what business their children are best adapted for, and how to educate them, and is also a guide to all persons in the preservation of health and strength, and an important aid to success, and to the attainment of the great object in life, viz., usefulness and happiness; for the one cannot obtain without the other. It also aids in prolonging the life of old and young. It is of especial importance to physicians. Several prominent practitioners who have taken lessons in this system have, we think, wisely prophesied that the time would come when a physician would not be considered qualified to receive a diploma without a thorough knowledge of this science.

It is well known to physicians that what will cure one will kill another, even when the symptoms appear the same, and medical students do not now have any scientific method of accounting for this difference, or determining wherein it consists. This system supplies the deficiency, showing the different innate functions and centre of the life forces, as determined by the signs in which the persons are born and polarized, thus revealing different degrees of sensitiveness, and indicating the portion of the system through which remedial agents will take most direct effect.

The physicians who have made the greatest attainments have been those whose intuitive judgment in matters of character, constitution, and vital conditions has been most accurate; and the author has frequently been surprised on giving delineations and advice to persons who have been under the care of physicians of great prominence, to hear them say, "That is the same advice that such and such a physician gave me," thus confirming the fact that this science is in harmony with the hest judgment of the 'most skilled and intuitive natures.

By means of this system physicians of even ordinary ability can attain great success through having in their possession a certain key to knowledge concerning the nature and peculiarities of their patients, such as heretofore has been available only to those few that were possessed of rare intuitive discernment.

Heads of families and individuals may also gain important insight into the peculiar characteristics of themselves and others, and thus understand the causes of the varied sensations, emotions, appetites, and passions of those with whom they have to do. In short, it lifts the veil from the mysterious realm of causation, and reveals to man much concerning the interior or cause world in its orderly and systematic methods of operation and influence over the evolution and control of human life.

Yet it is necessarily far from complete, as the combinations and consequent effects upon different organisms are so multifarious, arising as they do from so many different polarities and planetary conditions, that we are obliged to generalize to a very great extent, as it would take many volumes to spread out all the minutiæ; but having given the general principles of the science and the rules governing their application, the deduction and details can be carried out ad infinitum by any intelligent possessor of the work.

This book is but one of a series of seven sevens, or forty-nine stages, of earthly development which may each be embodied in a distinct work. This is brought out first, being the one most suited to the present mental and business needs of the people, but stands as number three in the above series, and the author is most happy to submit it to the intelligent, thoughtful, and educated public, for their consideration and use, believing that it will prove of greater value than any system of science the world now possesses.


Editor's Preface.

Author's Preface.

Editor's Note.

Diagram No. 1. The Seven Vital, Or Creative Principles.
Diagram No. 2. The Sun's Zodiac.
Diagram No. 3. The Solar Man.
Diagram No. 4. The Solar System.
Diagram No. 5. The Earth's Zodiac.
Diagram No. 6. The Solar Woman.
Diagram No. 7. The Future Temple As Seen By John.


Bible History Of Solar Biology.

Chapter I.
Preliminary Philosophy.
Involution And Evolution.
Man's Triune Nature.
The Law Of Soul Marriage.
The Selection Of Partners In Marriage.

Chapter II.
The Mechanism Of Solar Biology.
Signs Of The Zodiac.
The Four Quarters or Trinities of the Zodiac.
The Solar Fluid.
Description Of Diagram No. 4.
The Earth's Zodiac And Polarity.
Attraction And Repulsion Of Polarities.
Hints Regarding Marriage.
The Order Of The Living Temple.

Chapter III.
The Twelve Signs Or Functions Of The Zodiac.

Chapter IV
Polarity And Quality.

Chapter V.
Courage And Consolation For All.
The Power And Importance Of Breath.

Chapter VI.
The Twelve Polarities Of Aries.

Chapter VII.
The Twelve Polarities Of Taurus.

Chapter VIII.
The Twelve Polarities Of Gemini.

Chapter IX.
The Twelve Polarities Of Cancer.

Chapter X.
The Twelve Polarities Of Leo.

Chapter XI.
The Twelve Polarities Of Virgo.

Chapter XII.
The Twelve Polarities Of Libra.

Chapter XIII.
The Twelve Polarities Of Scorpio.

Chapter XIV.
The Twelve Polarities Of Sagittarius.

Chapter XV.
The Twelve Polarities Of Capricorn.

Chapter XVI.
The Twelve Polarities Of Aquarius.

Chapter XVII.
The Twelve Polarities Of Pisces.

Chapter XVIII.
The Planets.
Order And Harmony Of The Seven Vital Functions.

Chapter XIX.
The Twelve Positions Of Mercury.

Chapter XX.
The Twelve Positions Of Venus.

Chapter XXI.
The Twelve Positions Of Mars.

Chapter XXII.
The Twelve Positions Of Jupiter.

Chapter XXIII.
The Twelve Positions Of Saturn.

Chapter XXIV.
The Twelve Positions Of Uranus, Or Herschel.

Chapter XXV.
Parental Conditions.
Conflicting Attributes Of Character.
How To Control And Overcome Bad Habits.
The Efficacy Of Fasting To Overcome Disease.

Chapter XXVI.
Critical Periods In The Life Of Woman.
The Second Period And Danger In Woman's Life.
Causes Of Inharmony In Married Life.
Sexual Excesses.

Chapter XXVII.
Direction For Reading Character
Periods Of The Twelve Signs Of The Zodiac
To Find The Polarity.
To Find The Position Of The Planets.

Softcover, 8" x 10¾", 265+ pages
Perfect-Bound - Large Print 16 point font - Illustrated

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