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Simplicity in Spirit

Simplicity in Spirit
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Simplicity in Spirit

Michelle Madsen-Smith

'When you know better,
then you can do better'.
It is the same with our emotional,
spiritual and psychic self.

Simplicity in Spirit should relate to all things in life; blocks can and do occur due to our human mind and nature. I've been taught by my guides that the teaching and answers are simple, just like many things in life.

I love the saying "when you know better, then you can do better". It is the same with our emotional, spiritual and psychic self. This is one of the main reasons why I wrote this book.

Now is such an exciting time with new spiritual changes coming in and it is easy for the individual to be able to learn more, while feeling safe and in control when opening up to their psychic self.

Simplicity in Spirit is easy to read and covers many aspects of the psychic and spiritual field with simple explanations. It also covers your emotional and human side, as all things in life need balance. There are interesting personal experiences on various subjects throughout the book.

I hope that you enjoy Simplicity in Spirit and learn to be good to yourself in all aspects of life.

God bless.

Love and light to all.
Michelle Madsen-Smith


"This book [Simplicity in Spirit] opened my eyes to a whole new world; I could not put it down as I wanted to know more."
~ S. Richards

"Thank you so much for the information my soul has been dying for me to know. I feel much lighter for having read your book [Simplicity in Spirit] and it answered many mystery questions in my life, past and present."
~ K. Hughes

"I have just finished reading [Simplicity in Spirit]. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS".
~ S. Bowden

About the Author

The author is gifted psychic who has the ability to communicate with those on the other side. She became aware of her talent when she was twelve years of age.

Michelle has written in detail about her awakening in the introduction to this book. This special gift took some time for Michelle to accept until she surrendered and realized that she was chosen to help others with her clairvoyant and psychic skills.

Michelle continues to conduct work shops and does private readings for a growing list of private and corporate clients. She has done media work and has had a weekly radio program in New Zealand where she lives with her husband and family.

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