Health-Healing Health Studies Secret Science Behind Miracles : Unveiling the Huna Tradition

Secret Science Behind Miracles : Unveiling the Huna Tradition

Secret Science Behind Miracles : Unveiling the Huna Tradition
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The Secret Science Behind Miracles
Unveiling the Huna Tradition
of the Ancient Polynesians

by Max Freedom Long

This is the basic book of the Huna science used by the early Polynesians for healing, changing the future for the better, control of winds and weather, etc. Kahuna language reveals secret knowledge used by the miracle workers as well as keys to psychic phenomena.

"I arrived in Hawaii in 1917, and took a teaching position that placed me near the volcano, Kileauea, which was very active at the time. The school was one of three rooms and stood in a lonely valley between a great sugar plantation and a ranch.

The two teachers under me were not Hawaiian, and it was only natural that I soon began to know more about the Hawaiian friends. From there I began to hear guarded references to native magicians, the "kahunas," or "Keepers of the Secret."

With my background in psychology, my curiosity became aroused and I began to ask questions."

-- Max Freedom Long

This was the beginning Max Freedom Long's research into the Huna tradition of the ancient Polynesians. The field of his study was Hawaii, geographically the most isolated part of Polynesia. It was a virgin field because, in spite of the powers of kahunas, anthropologists discarded their work as "superstition: and missionaries disapproved of their "miracles."

His work not only resulted in The Secret Science Behind Miracles, a study of the Huna Tradition, but also provided personal guidelines for self-improvement and exposed correlation between the Huna faith and religions of today.


Chapter III


Before beginning the explanation of how fire-walking and other magic is performed through the use of three invisible elements which are still almost unknown in modern psychology, a few things need to be told about the religious beliefs of the kahunas.

The "Secret," or body of information handed down fromone magician to another, was what may be called applied psychology for the most part. The element of religion was very small, especially if we accept the technical definitions of religion in the best modern sense.

Dr. Paul Tillich, Professor of Philosophical Theology at Union Theological Seminar writes, "Magic is a special kind of interrelation between finite powers; religion is the human relation to the infinite power and value--- Magic is the exercise of imminent power, religion is the subjection to the transcendent power."

All religions are mixed with magic. Prayer is magic. Everything we do to gain benefits for ourselves in this life or the next is a part of magic. Magic is getting something from supernormal sources. Religion is worship of a Supreme Being and and acceptance of whatever It gives us, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

Pub Date: December 1948

Softbound, 5.5 x 8.5, 408 pages

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