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Biography of Satan

Biography of Satan
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Biography of Satan
Exposing the Origins of the Devil

by Kersey Graves

Biography of Satan
Exposing the Origins of the Devil

author: Kersey Graves

If the devil exists, where is he?

Is he really in a place called hell?

If so, where is that?

This well-researched book exposes all the facts about the devil. Topics include the origins of hell, where the Christian devil was borrowed from, why the church needed a "bad guy" to represent evil, what the words devil and hell really meant in the Old Testament, "endless punishment" and its devastating effects, the devil's twin brother-God, and why God was the author of evil according to the Bible.

These and other startling facts are found in this work. Don't accept the reality of the devil blindly.

Read this book and decide for yourself if he exists!


Are you, or have you ever been a believer in the doctrine of future endless punishment? And did you ever tremble with fearful apprehension that you might be irrevocably doomed to a life of interminable woe beyond the tomb? Did you ever shudder at the horrible thought, that either yourself or some of your dearest friends might possibly, in "the day of accounts, " be numbered among those who are to receive the terrible sentence, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the Devil and his angels?" Matt xxv:41. Were you ever tormented and goaded with such fearful forebodings as these, and haunted with them day and night, for weeks and months together, if no during lone and tedious years, as thousands of believers in the Christian faith have been in all ages of the Church? Or were you ever present during a 'religious revival", to witness the priest remove (in imagination) the cover from Hell's burning mouth (that blazing, "bottomless pit," whose lurid flames of fire "ascended up forever and ever"), and did you hear him depict to a terror-stricken audience the awful fate of the countless millions of the "doomed, damned souls" of the underground world?

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Softbound, 158 pages

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