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Science in The Name of God

Science in The Name of God
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Science in The Name of God
How Men of God Originated the Sciences

by Kasem Khaleel

Science in The Name of God
How Men of God Originated the Sciences
Dr. Kasem Khaleel

Is your history fact or fiction?

  • Copernicus: a plagiarist?

  • DaVinci: scientist or fraud?

  • The first true science: Western or Eastern?

  • The original universities: divine or secular?

  • The first modern hospitals: European or African?

  • The first diplomas: Christian or Islamic?

  • Modern medicine: Western or Eastern?

Also discover:

  • The real origin of words such as algebra, arithmetic, zero, almanac, drug, zenith, and dozens more

  • How divine revelation helped create modern science

  • Why modern mathematics is exclusively Eastern

About the Author
Dr. Kasem Khaleel is a physician, historian and scholar in the field of Qur'anic wisdom. He is the author of over 15 books including Science and Religion.

Table of Contents

1. Chemistry and the Beginnings of Science
2. Physics and Astronomy
3. Medicine and Pharmacology
4. Mathematics
5. Geology and Geography
6. Islamic Spain
7. The Correct History
Appendix: Charts and Lists


P. 37

The Definition

Islam is an Arabic word, which means peace. It also means obedience. The peace defines the relationship between each human being and God; it is a peace between all creatures of this world.

Islam is the means by which God and human beings act as God's representatives. Here, human beings act as God's representatives. This means they accept the role performing their duties to their creator, that is they willingly submit to him. In other words, human beings work exclusively for God. Ultimately, Islam is that condition where there exists a sense of peace with Him. It is also the means to find peace with fellow humans.

Islam is a system of laws. These laws are formulated by God. Their purpose: to teach human beings the difference between right and wrong.

In Islam all people are equal, in other words, no race or group has special distinction. All of the recipients of the divine law, the prophets Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and countless others, followed the same system of divine regulations. In other words, every prophet since the beginning of time worshipped the one universal God.

The Revival

Originally, Islam was revealed to the Arab primitives. It caused them to abandon their corrupt practices. It commanded them to cease the worship of idols. It stopped them from tormenting their neighbors. It ordered them to desist from abusing women, from committing adultery, and from failing to give women equal rights. In an achievement unmatched in human history Islam rescued Arabs from their depraved, miserable condition and elevated them to such heights that in less than 100 years they became the pinnacle of civilization. Prior to Islam Arabian society produced nothing-not even a single reputable individual. Because of it the Arabs, and, particularly, the peoples of the societies they conquered produced tens of thousands of scholars, some of which were world leaders in their fields.

Islam's view of the universe and man's role therein is relationship with each human being. This is far superior to idol worship, whether ancient or modern. God is constantly active in this world. The concept of a reserved, distant, uninvolved deity is unknown. In other words, God is intimately involved in all the functions of the universe, the earth, and the human race. Islam's way is that God is directly involved in all events. It is that He is close to man, that all men and women are dear to Him, and that separation from this spiritual-biological connection is impossible.

In Islam all knowledge is directly or indirectly derived from God. Thus, knowledge of all of the sciences arises from Him. God is the creator of the brain and the human nervous system. He is the originator/designer of the genes and the synthesizer of all biochemical compounds. The spirit, the soul, and the intellect are all His creations. Even the ability to reason comes from Him. God is the producer of everything, whether in the cosmos or on this earth. He alone makes the laws which govern human existence, for instance, gravity, momentum, evolution, reproduction, regeneration, instinct, and love. Therefore, He is the ultimate source of knowledge in all realms. Those who turn to Him gain the greatest ability to grasp the truths of this universe and life itself.

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