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Science and Religion : What You Were Never Told

Science and Religion : What You Were Never Told
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Science and Religion
What You Were Never Told

By Dr. Kasem Khaleel

This new work, by an acclaimed author of 14 books in various fields dealing with science and Islam, puts across a strong argument that the sciences are divine in origin, and not secular.

He argues successfully that humans are a unique species unrelated to evolution, and that the enormous universe operates by a specific plan, and never by chance.

Other topics discussed include:

  • Discover evidence for the existence of a force, which controls all

  • Learn the role played by men of faith in the creation of the sciences

  • Discover how divine texts contain irrefutable scientific facts

  • Learn why the divine estimate of the earth's age equals the latest scientific finding


Page 155

Scientific proofs: a Qur'anic Concept

As mentioned previously this is an orderly universe. This earth has existed in perfect order for billions of years. It has never deviated from its rotation or orbit. It is consistently nourished by the sun and balanced, gravitationally, by the moon. This degree of precision dominates the entire universe, as stated in the Qur'an: "Are you unaware of how God created the (numerous) layers of the universe in absolute harmony?" What's more, regarding His controlling influence, "and We are (involved in and) fully aware of (all aspects of) Our creation."

We again find: "To Him is due the primal origin of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He merely says 'Be' and it is." This demonstrates the unfathomable and infinitely great powers of the almighty Lord. It indicates that whatever God wills He merely commands it, and it happens. It is a type of self-proclamation, which only a most magnificent creature, one beyond human comprehension, can make, that is the ability to originate something from nothing, without any effort. Thus, Islam suggests that even the creation of the heavens and the earth was a minor task for God and that He failed to require, as is popularly believed, an additional day for rest.

The Qur'an also states: "We have created all things by pairs (i.e. opposites), that perhaps you may (truly) consider it." Objects of this world, as well as in the vast universe, exist in a paired form. Animals and plants are most often bisexual. In plants the stamen and pistil unite to form a wedded pair. Genes themselves also exist in pairs, allele to allele. Even inanimate phenomena, such as rock crystals and electricity, as well as the atom (i.e. protons and electrons), are based on a paired existence. On a more profound level recent findings indicate that stars have pairs, huge celestial bodies, which orbit them every few thousand years. These are called binary systems. The sun may have such a pair, although it has never been definitively known. The earth itself is paired, that is with the moon.

Yet, there is another more personal pair indicated by the Qur'an: the pair of personalities, that is the two sides of each person, god and evil, loving and angry, peaceful and hateful, happy and sad. It is the two sides of the human soul, the good and positive versus the dark and diabolical. Ultimately, it is the two souls, the living one and the one that goes on into the next existence.

End Excerpt.

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