Saurian Saga

Saurian Saga
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Author Name Thomas Dodd & Mary Peterson


Saurian Saga

by Thomas Dodd and Mary Peterson

In ancient times, when the world was still very new, not long after the earth had cooled; the violence of global upheavals had eased. The world was full of all manner of life and the existence of mankind became known by other beings inhabiting the world. But man was still new to the world and his influence weak. In this distant time, there were other more awesome beings and creatures that had long struggled for evolution throughout those early ages.

Down in the deep shadows of what is now called Africa, a fantastic adventure came to pass. In that faraway time and place, in the very beginnings of what we now call history, a great conflict arose between two mighty creatures.

These creatures emerged from the very recesses of time. Once living as brothers, their existence had deteriorated into a contest for superiority and ultimate power. Each possessed many mysterious and mystifying forces that used both for right and wrong. Great and sometimes foolish powers are well known today, but these ancient enemies did not use bullets or bombs like we have in this time. The powers employed by these warriors were much more amazing and sometimes terrifying, as the limitation of their powers were untested and their origins hidden in the untold legacy of their realm.

And these legendary beings sprang from the mighty river of Africa, which has been called the great Mother, today known as the Nile. These creatures were the distant ancestors of what we now call the crocodile and snake, banished into these pitiful forms as punishment for the wondrous and terrible misdeeds guided by their destiny.

Long ago, a great struggle came to pass between these lumbering creatures. This is but one of the fables from that history of their battles upon the Earth.

Softbound, 5x8, 200+ pages


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