Road I Know, The

Road I Know, The
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Road I Know

by Stewart Edward White

From the Author of The Betty Book, Stewart E. White's popular works have been included in our Historic Reprints: The Road I Know ...

"I've got a formula I've worked out. I relax my body-rock it in my cradle of confidence-then keep just a shred of attention to see that it doesn't follow me. And then I sneak out onto the road I know. The Road I Know--that's its name."

Excerpt from the Introduction:

Perhaps it was largely for my own satisfaction; in any case I did again go through the roughly million and a quarter words that were the records of Betty's work while here. Passages directed at her personally, and no one else, I red-penciled. Next I cut them out and pasted them seriatim. They totaled nearly two hundred thousand words. For the first time I read them consecutively; and realized that, even with no further arrangement, I had a NARRATIVE. Furthermore, it had growth-interest, it moved, it climaxed-most gloriously, I thought. Here was obviously a book to be written. Therefore, as I am a writer of books, I set blithely about it.

No light job, I realized. I must tell the story as clearly and simply as possible; I must be accurate, for this sort of thing depends on its integrity; I must use, of those two hundred thousand words, only about one-fifth, lest the reader be confused as well as bored by the repetition necessary for the perfection of Betty's instruction.


There may have been, in the world's history, others who have been as rigorously and systematically trained as was Betty for her especial job of divulgence. If so the details of their training, if recorded, have not come to my attention. The capacity for mediumship is beyond question a natural gift. But, like any other natural gift, it is of itself imperfect, unreliable in detail. Above all, without intelligent cultivation, it does not progress. Used prematurely or excessively it often appears to deteriorate, perhaps finally to atrophy to nothing. There is close analogy to a natural singing voice that is used too soon or too much. No reasonable teacher allows that. He wants reliability, stability, and progress.

Now Betty had this natural gift of mediumship to a high degree. But until 1919 nobody-not even she or I-recognized it technically. Her friends knew her as one with exquisitely delicate human sympathies and relationships, extraordinarily sensitive and responsive to the deeper beauties of life, and possessed of almost uncanny intuitions. Then occurred the small "chance" experience which presently she herself will describe.

She found herself unexpectedly in what is called "psychic" touch with an unseen world. This is, of course, no very unusual occurrence. Indeed, since I came out openly on the whole subject, I've had so many people write me and recount their own experiences, that I am almost tempted to say it is a rather common occurrence! But most such persons run a standardized course.

As it ordinarily goes, the psychic gets in touch, by one technique or another, with what seems indubitably to be discarnate intelligences. These latter give "communications." Sometimes these communications are convincing enough to withstand skilled and dispassionate appraisal of genuineness; though even then, more often than not, they show a strong dash of "coloring" from the medium's subconscious. Both the new-fledged medium and the sitters are enormously impressed. They feel that to them is being confided a message of sacred trust. The world must be told of it! Indeed, not infrequently they feel they have been especially instructed to go forth and proclaim. The psychic has said-and the statement has been accepted at face value-"you are chosen" to give forth a revelation. Naturally this sense of almost sacred obligation results in a book or pamphlet, generally privately printed, distributed in all good faith, and with all confidence that it is going to arouse said world. Its failure to do so is a most disheartening and disillusioning puzzle.

Paperback, 5 x 8, 190+ pages

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