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Return to Masada

Return to Masada
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Return to Masada

by Robert G. Makin

In a gripping account of the famous Battle of Masada, Robert G. Makin skillfully recaptures the blood and gore as well as the spiritual essence of this historic struggle for freedom and independence.

Interwoven with action-packed visuals you will never forget, is a story that cries out to the soul for understanding of unmitigated suffering and sacrifice for the sake of a Destiny that supercedes all earthly combats.

Through unforgettable characters, Makin leaps across the centuries of repetitive battles with the incarnate Self in order to probe at the deeper meaning of human existence. The question he poses is surely as current today as in the times of Roman conquest:

Can the power of an idea change the course of history?

With no other excuse than his passion for supporting the same cause that has moved even the meek to become risk-takers and crusaders for world peace, Makin has produced a memorable epic of our time.

"For those who wait in hope for that rare and special reading experience, here is more than a book. Here is a reason to rejoice."

--C. P.Saenz - Writers Guild, AOL

193 pages

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