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Reality of the Inner Earth

Reality of the Inner Earth
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Reality of the Inner Earth

Richard Shaver and Tim R. Swartz

The world as you know it is one big lie. Everything that you thought was true is a lie. History as you know it, is a lie. Forget about the Bible and other Holy books, they too are all lies. Now take awhile to let that all sink in, as it is a lot to contemplate. It took me years to come to grips with these incredible truths---but finally I had to accept reality for what it is, and accept that everything that I had been taught to believe in was all a great lie.


She first appeared to me like a vision---a mere ghost or a dream that has drifted over to linger briefly into the real world. She was young and as beautiful as a princess in a children's fairy tale. But she was no fairy tale princess as she made it all too clear the intense feelings and desires she had for me.

I was filled with an incredible longing for my dream girl. Never in my life had I ever felt this way about a woman, and I have never again had such powerful feelings. It was as if we were old lovers who had been separated by the miles and years, yearning to return to each others arms---yet always just out of reach. I would awaken sobbing tears of loss and misery, knowing that she was gone from me and that I would perhaps never look upon her ever again.

For the life of me I could not figure out why I was having such feelings for a girl that was in my dreams. It seemed mad---yet I was used to things that seemed insane---and this dream had such a reality---such a hold on me that I knew that there was something more to it---something that I could not yet put my finger on. She drifted in and out of my consciousness like a small paper bag caught on an updraft. It became more and more difficult for me to distinguish reality from fantasy. Was there a difference? Or had I been taken into a world where everything and anything was possible? A world turned upside down from the normal laws of science. A place where thoughts were all the reality that one needed and your wishes were made flesh at a mere whim of desire.

I remember so little about this time in my life. By now I was out of jail and on my own again. Nothing seemed to really matter except for the visions that I was experiencing. Sweet dreams that took me away from the harsh life that I had been living. There was no pain here, only pleasure. A pleasure that danced within my very soul and filled me so completely, so satisfyingly, that I had little desire to return to my past life.

If a man is given a choice between torture and pleasure, he will always choose pleasure. As the old saying goes: "You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar." It was the same with me. Fill a man with pain and suffering, he will withdraw---but fill him with pleasure, there is nothing that he wouldn't do for you.

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