Ancient Mysteries Earth's Labrynths Caverns, Cauldrons, & Concealed Creatures : Expanded 2nd Edition!

Caverns, Cauldrons, & Concealed Creatures : Expanded 2nd Edition!

Caverns, Cauldrons, & Concealed Creatures : Expanded 2nd Edition!
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Author Name William Michael Mott
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Caverns, Cauldrons, &
Concealed Creatures
Expanded 2nd Edition!

A New Expanded Editon
with 5 new chapters and
over 100 additional pages
Wm. Michael Mott

Human history and culture are permeated and surrounded by long-standing traditions, folk-beliefs, and purported experiences of encounters, interactions, and conflicts with "others." These others are not human beings, as we would use the term, and do not always conform to those controlling conditions which we tend to think of as "natural law," or as more recently defined, "the laws of physics."

These "beings," seemingly existing at the periphery of our awareness or our reality, have gone by a variety of names: djinn, ifrits, fairies, elves, trolls, goblins, vampires, incubi....and more recently, as "little gray aliens," "reptoids" or reptilian humanoids, hairy humanoids, "nordics," and so on. While some seem to have a more substantial basis in physical reality than do others, a close examination of folklore, mythical, and historical accounts reveal that not only are all such forms inter-related in some way, but they have their origin in an aspect of reality which has been in large part ignored or dismissed as fantasy--a realm which nevertheless has a powerful presence, as far as the mythical and religious traditions of the world are concerned.

Throughout our oral and written history as a species, folktales and folk traditions have either hinted at or indicated the reality of this "hidden world" which surrounds us. The furtive and parasitical nature of this "alternate reality" leaves no doubt as to the intrinsic hostility of these "others," or at best, the indifference that some of their "racial types" or subspecies exhibit toward humankind.

From child-snatching tales (or distorted actual occurrences?) such as changeling legends, stories like those of Rumpelstiltskin and the Pied Piper of Hamelin, to the sexual assaults or predatory activities of succubi, incubi, and other manifestations of "demon lovers," and then onward to modern-day UFO abduction and hybridization accounts, the interest that these beings have--the NEED that they demonstrate--for fresh human genetic material or influx, becomes quite apparent upon careful examination. "Frog princes" and "fairy princesses" may in fact have their parallels in today's reptoids and nordics.

The reported fascination of UFOnauts with reproduction and interbreeding--as in the Villas Boas case--is surely pertinent to this topic. Are human beings--worshippers, servants, or unwitting fools--utilized upon occasion to assist in the procurement of genetic materials--people and livestock--in exchange for some sort of reward? The circumstantial evidence would seem to indicate that this also is a very real possibility. The reported "fairy" interest in human livestock-particularly cattle--and the extant tales from the British Isles and elsewhere of both cattle pilfering and genetic manipulation, and even dismemberment or exsanguination, are wholly identical to many aspects of the modern "cattle mutilation" phenomenon.

The visitations of the ancient Nephilim or Nefilim mentioned in Apocryphal lore, in which they presented themselves to human women for purposes of procreation or lust, are not at all dissimilar to the sexual depredations of fairies and modern day "aliens" of a wide variety of descriptions. Pattern and intent remain consistently the same, whether dealing with ancient "folkloric" forms or archetypes, or more recent ones.

Another interesting parallel is the tradition that the Nephilim and their partially-human offspring and descendants are imprisoned beneath the Earth, kept captive there, perhaps, by a changed surface-world environment and a low tolerance for the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. Only those with more of the "stolen" human genetic material can venture forth for any length of time, which may in fact explain the seemingly desperate and unrelenting need for interbreeding, whether accomplished by trickery, seduction, or coercion.

The same can be said for the "wee folk" of varying descriptions and traditions, as well as for vampires, evil spirits of various types, and a number of so-called "extraterrestrials" who have surprisingly little tolerance, for a "space-faring" race, for bright daylight conditions, even down to the dark protective lenses over their bulbous eyes. Great lengths seem to be gone to, in order to convince humanity that "they," the "others," come from somewhere else, when in fact their origin may be much nearer at hand than we realize. As for most humanoid creatures of "supernatural," paranormal, or cryptid aspect, sightings tend to be take place more often at night, or at twilight, dusk, or early morning, and in deep, dark locales such as heavy forests, misty valleys, and so forth.

In his highly-confabulated accounts of subterranean dwellers and their predations upon the surface world, the pulp writer Richard Shaver insisted that such beings had taken refuge beneath the Earth's surface as a result of a change in the sun, or in its effect upon the genetic structure of living tissue. We now know that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and other types of radiation do in fact degrade our cells, and in fact may be the primary cause of aging.

The Sumerian and Hebrew accounts of a flood seem to indicate that the atmosphere surrounding the Earth was once very different than at present, with an ever-present "canopy" or "firmament" which may have kept the majority of such radiation away from life on the planet. In fact, the Book of Genesis indicates that the "first rainbow" occurred after the downpour of the deluge (perhaps when the cloud canopy fell, due to some form of catastrophism), when the sun shone brightly upon the Earth. If this occurred upon a day which was, in actuality, the first day in millions of years without a hazy shroud of water vapor or even suspended ice crystals filling the upper atmosphere, then this may not be as much of a myth as many might wish to believe.

A rainbow would have been something new, and might have heralded the rise of a hardier species--homo sapiens--to a place of dominance in the surface world environment, and the retreat of older races or species beneath a protective ground. According to the records of Sumerian Kings and Biblical Patriarchs, the result of this exposure to increased cosmic and solar radiation had an effect on humanity as well, with life-spans dwindling, becoming shorter and shorter as years and centuries passed and our cells became less and less resistant to the bombardment from above.

The evidence for these facts seems at times overwhelming. Folklore, mythology, religion, literature, witness accounts--all seem to support this theory with a mountainous supply of circumstantial evidence. As we re-examine our own emerging global society, as we approach a century of great expectation for human development, we can nevertheless sense a tightening of "control" or restraint, like a leash, about our collective throat. The grinning despotic and de-humanizing skull of global governance seems to be only the herald, or sunlit surface-world manifestation of this sense that WE are not really in control of our own destiny, and never have been; that through human puppets who rule from offices, palaces and assemblies, we are all dancing or cringing to the pull of unseen strings, and this has always been the case.

The book CAVERNS, CAULDRONS, AND CONCEALED CREATURES examines these topics and the evidence for these musings in greater depth, with a close examination of most of the folk and mythic-religious traditions of the world and the relationships which emerge, as well as many first-hand, eyewitness or historical accounts. We have perhaps been so conditioned to accept the strangeness of it all--to dismiss the unusual or unexplainable as a delusion, fantasy, or item of ridicule and derision (which is actually a device to mask our own fear and uncertainty)--that we are in fact our own "worst enemy." Ignorance may be bliss, but the time may also have come to reach a state of full and empowered wakefulness and awareness as to what just might be going on.

~ by Wm. Michael Mott


CAVERNS, CAULDRONS, AND CONCEALED CREATURES is the first book of its kind in terms of truly going in-depth to examine the striking similarities between folklore, religious, mythic, "new age," fictional, and first-hand witness or historical accounts of cryptid and reptilian figures.

Drawing from scientific facts, folklore and comparative mythology, and anecdotal sources, it is demonstrable that the structure of our planet, the history of our species, the underlying truths disguised as our myths, legends, folklore and " pop culture " imagery, are not quite what we have been led to believe. The Earth itself is much more stratified and complex in structure than we have realized, and our species has perhaps experienced, through the ages, encounters and conflicts with "others," non-human intelligences or beings of various types who have seldom been our friends. Memories and accounts of these encounters have come down to us in the form of folklore and mythology, often viewed with superstitious terror or awe through the conditioned lenses of religions, religious interpretation or "folk traditions." Such encounters are continuing today.

The theories put forth in this book are based on two types of evidence: very strong circumstantial evidence based on folklore, mythology, religion, legends, archeology, geology, and related areas, and first-hand or witness accounts, both ancient and modern. Often these two areas of source material or even anecdotal evidence overlap.



The invisible races are often presented in a homogenous, 'one size fits all' package that includes ghosts, ghouls and even extraterrestrials, although their true points of origin are normally obscured in a haze of confusion and speculation. However, one probable source is the subject of, 'Caverns, Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures', a superbly researched and very accessible book by Wm. Michael Mott, who ably demonstrates that the pits and crevasses hidden deep below the surface of planet Earth might just hold the answer to many of these puzzles.

In this informative and entertaining work, Michael Mott, whom I have had the pleasure of both knowing and collaborating with for many years, presents a beguiling and seductive range of anecdotes, accounts and traditions culled from the folktales and traditions of various countries and uses these to present persuasive evidence to support his hypothesis. When one thinks about it, it is perhaps the subterranean regions of the earth that are the only logical place these beings might actually inhabit, for almost all encounters with these entities feature their sudden disappearance into a cave or crevasses or even the ground itself.

Certainly, there have been repeated accounts of a hollow Earth concealing fleets of UFO's and it also allegedly the site of Ultima Thule, the fabled source of the Aryan race, a place where man could, by whatever means leave the surface of the earth and journey deep into the bowels of the planet to an complex inner world illuminated by its own miniature sun.
~by Brian J. Allan


Though Christianity has dismissed its own tradition which tells of subterranean demons and devils, Mike Mott's book has established them again. Who else are the Grays, Chupacabras, and the other horrific-looking beings that Mike Mott offers evidence of? As long as we think of them as originating from distant star galaxies, we don't associate them with the demons told of by various scriptures, i.e., the Bible, the Koran and the Vedic literature. The Christian tradition does not describe demons riding high technology vehicles such as UFOs, but it can borrow from other traditions that do, such as the Hindu Puranas, which tell of the amazing craft of the demon Salva. In this way, the book confronts the reader with the fact that the UFO occupants are not affable space brothers but, rather, the demons which all good literature and traditions warn against.

In the pages that follow, the reader will even find the saga of Beowulf and Camelot reinterpreted according to the understanding of the Cavern Worlds Theory.

All of which leads to a new interpretation of the politics and economic practices of the surface world, referred to by the author as the underground manipulation of the surface world, which is yet another unique facet of this book. Sometimes it is hard for the mainstream individual to accept the idea of a worldwide conspiracy such as the New World Order is depicted to be. But if the surface world were under such sophisticated manipulation of the likes that only telepathic beings flying out of the inner world in flying saucers could mount, this would lend justification to the claim of a conspiracy by a mysterious, hidden elite. It would then be implicit that the international banking and business elite are not the ultimate cause, that there is a more remote cause behind them. In this way, the Cavern Worlds Theory shines a new light on the surface world's development of the last couple of centuries, and this is encompassed in the book.
~by Dean Dominic De Lucia

About the Author:

Wm. Michael Mott is the Creative Director for a high-performance software company. He is also a freelance artist and writer, and writes both fiction and non-fiction. He has worked as an artist/designer for Fortune 500 companies, for an NSF Engineering Research Center, and for a variety of freelance clients such as book and magazine publishers.

His artwork has appeared in many publications, such as Computer Graphics World Magazine, Computer Artist, IEEE Computer, IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, PHOTO/Electronic Imaging, DRAGON Magazine, and others. He's created artwork and graphic design for mass-market book covers, posters, brochures, packaging, CD-ROM covers, art collections, and digital/web-based media.

Mr. Mott won several design awards, from regional Advertising Federation awards for printed material, to awards for web site graphics and design. His artwork has been featured in the exhibition "In Dreams Awake: Art of Fantasy" at the Olympia and York Gallery, 1988; at the 1987 World Fantasy Con, Con*stellation, and others.

His fantasy novels, "Pulsifer: A Fable," and "Land of Ice, A Velvet Knife," are published in electronic form by Softbook Press Inc., and a series of illustrated short stories began in 2000.

He is currently researching Fortean and paranormal topics. His research in this area has appeared in magazines such as Fate, Nexus, and World Explorer.

Softcover, 8.25" x 6.25", 440 + pages (with color inserts & illustrated)


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