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Quest for the Inner Earth

Quest for the Inner Earth
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Quest for the Inner Earth
By Dorothy Leon

The INNER EARTH has held reign on man's interest for untold centuries:

Nearly every culture has ancient texts about it
It is alluded to throughout the Bible and other sacred texts
It has been written about continually since the 12th century
Scientists are beginning to change their concepts bout it
Did Admiral Byrd really sail inside it?
If so, why the government secrecy and cover up?
Why aren't pilots allowed to fly over the Poles?
Why were the "hole in the pole" photos confiscated?
Why do UFOs continually dive into the ocean?
Are Inner Earth beings presently visiting to help us?

Dorothy says: "Perhaps the interior sun of the Inner Earth is analogous to our kundalini chakra that slowly rises upward to the heart chakra (Shamballa) to create a paradisiacal setting, then gains in momentum to continue rising up to purify the upper chakras (surface of the earth), and finally blazes out through the crown chakra to enter "heaven" or enlightnement. If there is an Inner Earth within the interior of the planet, there is also an inner core within each of us; 'As above so below, as within so without.'

We have nothing to fear. The 'dragon' has already been slain on the inner planes, but, like all beings of the lizard family, it still has the propensity to flail its tail around to do as much damage as possible before it takes its last breath. I believe its breath is already becoming shallow and divine intervention is standing by."

"I am glad Dorothy Leon has written this book. I hope it opens people's minds to other possibilities, and encourages personal spiritual and intelectual growth. In my view, if one can stimulate another's mind, then that is perhaps the most precious gift one could have imparted to that person."

Jan Lamprecht, author of Hollow Planets

Paperback, 5x8, 225+pages

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