Hollow Planets

Hollow Planets
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A Feasibility Study of Possible Hollow Worlds.
Could the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth be hollow?

by Jan Lamprecht

The great English astronomer, Sir Edmund Halley first proposed the Earth might be hollow. Later the great mathematician, Leonhard Euler speculated about this, as did the scientist, Sir John Leslie. Jules Verne's classic tale 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' was based on Leslie's ideas.

Some religions maintain, to this day, that a vast Underworld exists inside the Earth. This is supported by a rich variety of legends and folklore from all continents.

Scientists say all planets are solid. Could science be mistaken? This book is an in-depth review of many papers from science journals of the highest repute. It contains interviews with many top scientists in fields as diverse as seismology and astronomy. The results of this study will send your mind reeling.

Do we live in a Solar System composed of Hollow Planets?

This may well be the first scholarly & scientific investigation into a factual basis for the hollow planets, which were previously only myths. This 600 page reference book has caught not only the attention of scientists around the world, but media stars such as Jeff Rense of Sighting and Art Bell.

Perhaps based on the facts presented in this book, "everything we were ever taught is wrong!"

Comments about Hollow Planets:

From: Dr Tom Van Flandern (astronomer, formerly U.S. Naval Observatory)

Thu, 19 Aug 1999

I am just returned from our successful solar eclipse expedition, having left Turkey less than one day before the earthquake struck. I found over 400 waiting e-mails, not to mention numerous other deadlines needing attention. One of the items of waiting mail was your book, which I thank you for sending.

I glanced at the book, and despite my backlog of urgent matters, cracked it open, thinking it would be easy to establish that it could be shelved for good. From the title alone, I immediately had two objections that demanded answers -- how to reconclie a hollow Earth with seismic data, and how to reconccile it with Earth's gravity field as established by artificial satellites. I soon found that you had dealt with the seismic data issue head-on, and offerred an intriguing alternate explanation. For merely showing us all that the inferred density profile of Earth's interior is not a unique solution of seismic data -- an important constraint for all theoreticians working in that area -- the book had already made itself worthwhile.


That summarizes my quick first impressions. I hope to look at some of your other chapters after I regain control of my schedule by catching up on deadlines. Best wishes. -|Tom|-

From: Richard Baum (Director Mercury & Venus Sections,
British Astronomical Association)

Thu, 5 Aug 1999

Dear Jan
Your book has just arrived. A very impressive piece of work. Stimulating and exciting. Of course one may not agree with all it says. But the fact remains you completed what you set out to do and that deserves applause. That you chose a controversial subject is further cause for congratulation. That takes courage. Plainly I have not had chance to read through it. But I shall do and will be in touch. Meanwhile my sincere thanks and congratulations,
Best regards

Richard wrote again some time later once he had had a chance to do some reading and he seems to be liking it:-

From: Richard Baum (Director Mercury & Venus Sections,
British Astronomical Association)

Sat, 14 Aug 1999

Dear Jan,
[snip - private discussion]

I must say you have stored your book with an enormous amount of information; much quite surprising, all stimulating. Essentially you are not only obliging us to take a fresh look at things but to observe from an unsuspected different position - the presumed impossible.

Will be in touch within a few days...
[snip - private discussion]

One phrase that sums up much of why people fail to grasp what is being said is - don't bite my finger, look where I am pointing. It is surprising how many fail to grasp directly what is meant.

One of the Librarians at the University of Pretoria sent me this e-mail on 09 Sep 1999:-

Hallo Jan!

I have just received your book and I am impressed! I never expected such a hefty tome. I am unfortunately not knowledgeable on this topic, but even so, I can appreciate the tremendous work that must have gone into it. It is truly the result of a quest for knowledge. My congratulations on this vast project. I am going to give this book to Elna Randall later today (I want to dip into it before I pass it along) and she will thank you for your gift.


thank you for giving this Library such a wonderful gift. I hope that we can make a small contribution to spreading the news about this book. I think it truly deserves an international audience.

Best wishes

Softbound, 596 Pages

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