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Principles and Practice of Naturopathy

Principles and Practice of Naturopathy
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Principles and Practice
of Naturopathy

A Compendium of
Natural Healing

By Ernest W. Cordingley, A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.

I believe this book has filled an evident need. Much has been said and written about Naturopathy; Naturopathic practitioners have come much into prominence within the past few years; and everybody seems to be more or less aware of the fact that practically every sanitarium of any importance in either Europe or America is Naturopathic in theory and practice, but relatively few understand the basic principles upon which this ancient and honorable healing art rests.


After having studied practically all systems of healing, and graduating in many of them, I feel that I can say with some authority that Naturopathy is the greatest healing system the world has ever known. It is the most comprehensive of all, and the members of the Naturopathic profession I have found to be the most intelligent and broad-minded of any in the healing art.

I hope it will ever be thus, and that as time goes on, the Naturopath will in even a greater measure be capable to rendering the greatest possible assistance to the sick and afflicted.

As we review the history of the healing art, we find that mankind has constantly delved into methods of eradicating human disorders that lead away from unnatural drugging, and tend toward Nature.

The theories that have been advanced regarding the cause of disease are legion. Wrong chemical combinations, germs, impingement of nerves, wrong habits of eating, faculty mental states, and a host of others have each been held responsible as the sole cause of disease by a host of enthusiastic disciples.

However, after all is said and done, it must be admitted by any fair investigator that each single system has its shortcomings. Each method will accomplish some good, but no single method is infallible. For this reason the more intelligent among those who are devoting their attention to the prevention and cure of disease have come to realize that a perfect system must include all natural, non-drug methods in so far as each one is adapted to an individual case.

As cases vary, remedies must vary. What will help Nature to cure one disease will only aggravate another. For this reason, a system that is truly eclectic or selective must be the ultimate in the healing art, and the one, and the only one that can permanently endure.

It is not our purpose to enter into II discussion of the administration of drugs, but we may be permitted to say that we are witnessing a marked change in attitude on the part of medical practitioners relative to drug giving, One or two drugs are now usually given where a dozen were formerly used, and it is probable that the day is not far distant when the drugs which will be used will consist almost entirely of cathartics, hypnotics, anaesthetics and antiseptics in emergency cases and surgery.

What, then, is Naturopathy? "Naturopathy," to quote Dr. Benedict Lust, "is a distinct school of healing, employing tile beneficent agency of Nature's forces, or water, air, sunlight, earth power, electricity, magnetism, exercise, rest, proper diet, various kinds of mechanical treatment, mental and moral science. As none of these agents of rejuvenation can cure every disease (alone) the Naturopath rightly employs the combination that is best adapted to each individual case. The result of such ministrations is wholly beneficent.

The prophylactic power of Nature's finer forces, mechanical and occult, removes foreign or poisonous matter from the system, restores nerve and blood vitality, invigorates organs and tissues, and regenerates the entire organism."Naturopathy is a system of disease-eradication based on the theory that, as DI'. Cummins says, "Clean blood is the instrument of health and the fountain of happiness," or, as the Bible states it, "The life of all flesh is the blood thereof." Whatever the system we employ, will produce resultes [sic] only as we purify the blood and clear the system of poisonous encumbrances.

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