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Power of the Dragon

Power of the Dragon
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Power of the Dragon

by Dr. Louis Turi

Your daily guide for success in all areas of life!

Dr. Turi has taught psychologist and psychiatrists on the direct relationship between the stars and the human psyche. This book will enhance your perception of the universal mind and clarify your perception of human behavior.

The Power of the Dragon is a masterpiece of incredible information based on the esoteric power of the nodes of the moon. Free of mathematical jargon, this book divulges the secrets of what it means to be human. More insights and discernment is induced by the Dragon than in an entire conventional astrological chart. A soul's past life residue, its health, sins, virtues, strengths and weaknesses are stored on the might Dragon's Tail, while true fate and opportunities lie on the fiery Dragon's head. Awareness of the Dragon's location and attributes is a major contribution for success or failure in one's life. Understand how and why people like Princess Diana, Hitler, JFK Jr., Presidents, actors, artists, criminals, and scientists made history


The energy of the Moon governs our emotional response to this dense physical world. By knowing and balancing this energy properly, we are able to release the ego and only draw from the pure, positive energies of the particular Sign that she resides in. As emotions feed the spirit, it is necessary for us to have certain emotional responses to assist in our soul's purpose. Your awareness of the universal law. Based upon the moon's fluctuations can only be a serious contribution to reach your very purpose.

Being so close to the earth, the Moon's gravitational pull is so great that she is solely responsible for the daily process of the tides. Curiosity, observation, and comparison became the key elements to promote anyone's cosmic consciousness. I learned that the farmers of the past followed her fluctuations for the betterment of their crops. It did not take long to realize that by respecting the Universal Law, my life became much more productive. Her positive and negative effect on man's emotions, actions, and reactions became so obvious to me that I decided to make a ful-time job telling others about her. As I watched the laws in times of a Full Moon, I understood why people became destructive, "lunatic," eccentric, moody and psychopathic. I then named it the Universal Law.

Softbound, 6x9, 424 pages

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